Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time gets away from me all the time. Usually when life happens in unexpected ways. February has been that way.
We had an excellent visit with my brother and his wife, and their two youngest boys. Only get to see them once or twice a year, sometimes not even that. Military....that explains it.
Love visiting with them. Wish they lived near, not in another country. Oh well.
We had a great time watching the superbowl together, at my other brothers house. Good time, great rivalry within the family, making it that much more fun watching the game. However the after party was the pits, it was spent at the emergency room with my parents, after they got in a car crash. My Mom got the worst of it. A couple broken ribs, couple cracked ones, lacerated liver, and whiplash. She stayed in the hospital for a few days. Dad got to go home that night (actually it was early morning). Chris and I stayed until they got her into her room, 3ish or something. So difficult when your parents age, mine are in their seventies. It's tough when somewhere along the line the child becomes the parent to their own parents. Dad is doing okay. Mom is having a harder time, taking longer to heal, tries to do to much and then add another day of just resting.
That would be enough to make February yuck. However, not this time, Chris gets blood work back that needs further investigation. So he had a liver biopsy, the good news is that he has fatty liver, which considering the other alternatives, is a good thing. Some diet changes and possibly medicine will hopefully resolve this. He also is having some kidney issues, which we are waiting on what that is. Should have the results shortly. Hope for the best, but deal with the rest. Now I have a cold. Its just never ending. Waiting for a new month. March will be better.
Cait has a science project this Friday, (3rd grade-not to scientific) however its not working like it says. Simple project, large container, put in one cup water mixed with two drops red food coloring. Then add eight more cups of water until clear (this is what the instructions say) well it will not be clear, just slightly pink. So we have to work with the results given.
Terrible when 3rd grade kicks your butt.
Fun stuff.
Cait gets her head gear next week, she has an underbite. Today we go in and get the metal spacers on her teeth, then they take the measurements and send them off to have the gear made. Then in about 3 months she will get braces on her top four teeth. She will have the headgear for about 9 months. Then when she is a teenager she will have full on braces.
Ka-ching!!!!! Couple grand just for the headgear. More fun stuff. More life happenings!
Been working on getting the taxes done. I realize I have a brother who is an excellent CPA and is more than willing to do the taxes, yet for some reason I feel I must do them myself, me and TurboTax that is. I really like TurboTax. Getting a refund, so thats good. We have had a couple of years of paying and that is so not my kind of thing. We made adjustments and for the last 5 years have not had to pay. Need to try and finish those tonight after piano lessons.
Finished the Elementary PTO newsletter and sent that off to the printer. One more thing to check off.
We should start calving in the next few weeks. We have 9 cows, Cait has one cow. Always enjoy the calving. Not the stress, but the newborn calves are so cool. It really is amazing to see one being born. Hopefully we don't have any losses. I'll post pictures after they are cleaned up!
Well thats enough of the life and times!!!!!
Come on March!