Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mmm Queso.

I printed a coupon the other day for Velveeta's new Queso Blanco. Well we love queso in the Briggs house. So a white queso sounded yummy. I went against my coupon policy of using a coupon on regular price. Since it was bought at WalMart I figure I'm okay.
Started with sauteing onions and garlic in a little butter. I chose butter, because sometimes I feel like olive oil flavor comes thru to much. Anyway, can I just say that the smell of cooking onions and garlic is heavenly. Love that. Anyway wanted to cook sausage in it, however on the quick trip to the freezer I could not find sausage right off, so I went with ground pork. Added additional garlic and onion seasoning since I was using ground pork and not some mild or hot sausage. Now one of the things I use alot for seasoning for Mexican flavor is taco seasoning. It already has most of what I want. For this I did add extra cummin and chili powder. I made a roux and added some Mexican creme to it, added that to the pork mixture and added white cheddar, monterey jack, and the queso blanco. (I also added some of my bottled salsa.) I realize some people don't like fake cheese, personally I think that's hooey. Velveeta makes any cheese sauce very, very creamy.

Back to the Queso Blanco. Total success even with ground pork and not sausage. It was a meal all by its lonesome. I cannot wait to try it with sausage. MMMMMMMMMM