Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life continued....

Well I went back to TJ Max to see if they had more white organic cotton sheets, no go, they had them in blue. I am so loving the white.
In Target last week and saw they had the school supply lists for the different schools out, so picked up Cait's list and picked just about all of it up. Finished at Office Max. I love back to school supplies, the pencils, the boxes of crayons, the new tablets, all that stuff. Always get extras, one, the prices are really great, two, need to replace throughout the year and third, give some to the Teacher for extras. School starts the 20th of August. Less than a month away and we have not gone camping, gone to Bear Lake, none. House. The evil abode.
We will take a quick ride up in the forest this weekend to see if the Huckleberries are on.
Used some space bags to store some clothes, and such. Interesting. Boxes seem easier, not really worried about the space since it is going into storage.
Still making progress with the house. Getting closer, thank heavens, it really is getting old.
Hopefully there will still be time to get some camping in.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Linen Indulgence

In the process of getting our house ready, I thought I would change the linens for our bedroom. I have always gone with darker colors, I'm drawn to the chocolates, the deep reds. Anyway with the sheets, I usually get dark red, or a great chocolate brown. I was in TJ Max, one of my favorites shopping places. Awesome deals for excellent prices. THE ONLY PLACE I BUY PURSES. Back to the point, I was looking thru the sheet selection and I saw alot of crisp white sheets, and those just remind me of hotels and luxury. So I thought why not for my bed, its crisp and clean. I bought a set of organic cotton sheets for $29. I LOVE organic cotton, so soft, feels so good. Anyway, washed them up, hung them on the clothesline to dry, my summer dryer, and then made the bed. I am in heaven. First the look of white with a red pillow for accent and a tan blanket folded down on the bed, it looks amazing in my bedroom. The walls are painted a melted milk chocolate brown, Red accent headboard. But the best part is the feel of the sheets not to mention the fresh line dryed smell. MMMMM
Heaven. I think I may be a convert to solid white sheets only from now on.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July already....

Wow, June is gone, the 4th of July is over, so fast.
STILL do not have the house ready. No surprise there. Had great visit with my brother and SIL and fam while they where here. Brief, but good. Miss them already.
Also got to see my niece and her little girl, even if it was at 11 at night. Need to get to Utah for a visit and shopping spree. Maybe August for back to school shopping.
We did have to get the cows out to pasture, then up on the forest, need to keep the wolves and bears fed.
Horses moved also.
Working on the house, much closer, sometimes I wonder if we are stalling on purpose, maybe this is not what we should do at this time, kind of thing. But making progress none the less.
Sorting thru so many clothes its ridiculous, I mean seriously, bags of clothes to DI.
Then what did I do last week, yup bought 3 more shirts for me. So much stuff for 3 people.
Kindof nice to get thru it and get rid of stuff, move on, perhaps literally?
FYI, if you love IKEA you must check out it is so cool, what people have done with IKEA stuff. Really fun. Check it out.