Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life happens

Okay so the pieces of furniture we bought where delivered last night. Now the living room is full of furniture. Chris and his buddy where working on installing the mantel. I decided to fix myself a sandwich. Then did a stupid, fully acknowledge the stupid, it even went thru my head prior to the stupid and sliced my pinky finger. Holy crap it hurt, not to mention bled horribly. So I stick it under the cold water, all the time expressing myself colorfully, and Chris comes in and looks at it and says okay that needs stitches. So off to the local urgent emergency care. Took me right in, examined it, deadened it, cleaned it and stitched it up. No feeling in the upper part of my pinky, should come back slowly. Got a tetnus shot for my efforts, stopped for some take out. Came back home and did not rearrange the furniture.
As always, when you think you know whats going on, life happens and sends you in another direction. Oh well minor detour.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Re-arrange furniture

So tomorrow we get our new pieces of furniture, now we based our purchases on the new layout, so we get to see how well everything fits and works. This should mean additional adjustments, always interesting. Also tomorrow, we are having a mantle put in. Its big, bigger than I was thinking, I was thinking more of a faux mantle, not a real mantle. Meaning it sticks our from the wall more than I thought. Its really nice, the color is a different brown, but I think it will work fine. Cannot wait to see it all come together. There is some frustration, I want it a certain way, and until I get it that way I have frustration. Exciting......and challenging.
After the foundation is done, then comes the really enjoyable part, putting the accents in. Its like adding the jewelry to your outfit, makes it all POP!
Now for the weather, I know that people call Chicago the windy city, but really come to Idaho, southeast Idaho is unbelievably windy. I hate the wind. Really hate the wind. Despise the wind. It is so cold. The stockwaterer is freezing from the wind, FROM THE WIND! Like frozen for and inch.
Even talk of no school tomorrow due to the cold. I doubt it. The wind chill would have to be 35 below, I do not see that for tomorrow. Its cold, but we would need to be single digits with gusting winds over 20 mph. I'll let you know.
We will see.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Okay we decided that we needed a new chair in the living room/family room. Our house is small, less than 1200 sq ft. So the living room is the family room. Anyway, we have a sofa and a recliner. We decided to get a club chair or chair and a half with a ottoman. So Saturday we went looking. In my mind I am thinking about 800 bucks should probably do it. I was wrong, wrong wrong. The first store we went to was Interior Accents in IF. Its a really nice furniture store, smaller but fabulous pieces. Anyway we found a gorgeous club chair, that has the combination leather and fabric. So nice, 1600 bucks. Then we wandered around looking at others and I found a sofa table, not looking for one, but found one that is so neat. Then we found like a side table that we could use for under the TV (wall mounted) and put the cable and dvd players on. Anyway for all of it 2778 buckeroos. So we had her write everything down and we went on to other stores. NOTHING came close. So while we ate lunch we called her and did a little negotiating and got everything for less the 2300. Now I am having a little buyers remorse, I want the furniture I just think, we kindof went overboard a bit. Yes they are all quality pieces that will last, just kind of a shock to me. We have never really spent alot on furniture. A few hundred here and there, 800 for the coach. Worldmarket find. Love it. Never big purchases, I guess this is big for me, maybe not so for some of you, but for us it is. Anyway, it will all be delivered on Wednesday. CANNOT WAIT!
BTW when I got home Friday night, Chris told me that one of the cows calved and the calf died. Chris was pretty upset. She gave no signs that she was ready so perhaps something was wrong. Its frustrating though. I mean a dead calf is like losing 500-600 dollars. Hopefully we will have better luck with the others.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Have you ever emotionally reacted to reading a book? Of course, that is the purpose of reading, to take you into the writers imagination. So, a reaction is expected, sadness, joy, concern, fear, all of that right.
Well last night after finishing a book that is a series, a delightful, charming series with some fabulous recipes. Anyway this series is a "cozy mystery" series, so there is always a mystery to solve by the main character and her co-horts, most also are romance. Well in this series there has been a "lovers triangle" you know two men vying for the main characters attention. This has been going on for quite a few of the books. Well in this book, the author made one of the men somewhat of a bad guy. After finishing the book, I literally went into a funk, I was depressed, why do this. I was tired of the triangle aspect, and this appears to do that. Until the next book I really do not know but, it really bothered me. Why? That is what I cannot quite pin down. Its so weird. My husband thinks I'm too involved in reading, if it upsets me. Anyway it just struck me as out of my norm. Perhaps the reason for the mood is that she has one of her characters do something that I disagree with and am disappointed in his behavior, perhaps that is it. I'm disappointed not in a funk, just let down. Oh well, its just a character in a book, so better to be disappointed in a fictionary character than a friend, or loved one. Should be interesting to see what happens in the next book?? Which is the point is it not? So successful writing!
Anyway, now to move on with life. New carpet being put in the living room tomorrow. Yeah. Boo for tonight to have to clear out the room. Fun.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cold and cough

First off, 3rd grade most definitely kicked our butt!! We should have helped more on her science project. I get a little panicky about doing too much and not letting her do the work. This time we should have helped more. #$&*&$ frustrating. Need to find the balance.
She struggled the whole week with a cold just like me, she would fall asleep at 5:30 and get up at 7 in the morning. So tired. Both of us just miserable with sinus and cough. Still sick this week but slowly getting over it. I hate colds. Two visits to the doc, multiple antibiotics to try, this latest one seems to be working, other than its hard on my stomach. Hopefully she feels better in the morning. I'm still struggling with it.
Chris had it but not as long, of course. Why is that? He never seems to get as sick. I take vitamins, supplements, Chris does not. Never fails. Oh well, such as it is. I think I just get run down. Take on too much. Or take on too much stress, perhaps. Perhaps, its not dealing with stress as well. Need to leave work at work. Put more time into relaxing. We did have a wonderful weekend a bit back. We stayed in a local hotel with a pool, swam, ordered pizza and watched movies. It was so much fun. I really would like to take a weekend shopping in Utah. Just a few stores, Taipan Trading, World Market, and IKEA, but man, after those 3, I can seriously drop some coin. So cannot do it too often. Maybe in April.
This weekend we are looking for a club chair and ottoman to replace the recliner.
That should be fun.