Wednesday, May 27, 2009

STILL getting the house ready

It's never ending. In 18 years of living in our current home, we have accumulated more stuff/crap than I can believe. Its everywhere!! If I didn't hate garage sales so much I would have one, but the local Deseret Industries thrift store is making out like a bandit!!
I just cannot believe how much stuff. We took a couple of loads of stuff to the storage unit over the Holiday weekend, mostly furniture. We had to take our new club chair. It really is too big for the room. Chris is sooooo sad. We put in a much smalled chair but it is looks like a kids chair in the room, so rearranging some more.
My frustration level is really high currently. Some days I just think forget about it, it is not worth it. But its going to have to happen some time, so we will attempt it now.
So everynight we pack more and every night I feel like we have made a bigger mess.
The fun just keeps on going!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting the house ready for market

Oh my heck, what a pain this is. I'm tired of cleaning things out, packing stuff, hauling it off to the storage unit. Trying to really keep the bare minimum. Which is really difficult, how to live and keep our stuff to the bare minimum. So we took our dining room table out of the dining room the hutch will go also. We have a small gathering table to put in its place. Its much smaller in size and scale, should work really well.
More furniture has to go, along with stuff. 18 years in one house and you accumulate alot of stuff/crap. Boxes and tubs, for storage, stuff for the Deseret Industries Thrift Store and stuff to just go straight into the garbage.
Also some projects to finish to have the house ready to show. Should have done this during the winter, we need to have it on the market now, for the Spring Fever buy a house itch.
What a process!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay so the newer house with 5 acres is out. NO WATER RIGHTS. Which makes 5 acres a dustbowl.
We are still progressing with getting ours ready for sale. We may have to expand to Bonneville County instead of just Jefferson County and see what is out there.
I will admit to being sad about the newer house. The house was perfect, but not the land. So now I have to try and not compare everything to it. I did find a 2 yr old house on 10 acres with an unfinished basement, but it's 70k out of our range!!! In a perfect world, once ours is on the market and we get a perfect offer, that one will drop in price by 70k.........Now let's deal with reality!
I've picked out the paint color to paint the inside of most of the rooms, to mellow my strong colors. We will replace the bathroom vanity this weekend, along with the floor.
At least this way my house projects are on the fast trak!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

For sale

So we are getting our house ready to put on the market. Cleaning out closets, clutter and such. We will get a storage unit to put everything in including some furniture so everything will look open and so much room.
We have to paint alot of the the rooms inside. I like color alot. I like strong colors alot. So we going somewhat more neutral.
Putting our dining room and hutch in storage, putting in a pub style table with a very small console table in the dining room instead. Then we will see if we put the island in or leave it out.
So much work.
We did look at a house last weekend, I've been looking at in online alot! HOWEVER, the reason we started this journey was more space, more land with water rights. Not a long of land just a min. of 5 acres or more. In the are we want, there are TWO choices, and both are at opposite ends of the choice bar. One is heavier on the land with water rights, but lots of work and extra money to do the work on the house. The other is heavy on the just move into the house and enjoy, but less land with no water, although supposedly there are supposed to be rights or a way. So we are looking into the "way".
Now I will tell you I am emotional about both. They say to never get emotional about buying a house, but I really don't know how you don't, if your emotions are not involved why would you buy?
Anyway the one house happens to be across the street, the same age as our house about 35 years old, but with a basement. However it really needs work, it has a wood stove which has to go and a gas fireplace put in its place, lots of drywall, insulation, paint, new carpeting, tearing down one very ugly rock wall, etc. etc.
It has a small kitchen and a small dining room. The only way to make those bigger is to build out. Without the kitchen build out, its a min. of 10 grand. With the whole thing about 50k. Will the house be worth it? Can I sell it later on for that price?
With all of that it would still only have 2 bathrooms. Now the land and water are no issues, 12 acres with water rights, stay in the same area.
Other house has only 5 acres with the water issues, these issues may literally take it off the table. The house is excellent. Small bedrooms, master is good sized, medium size kitchen and dining. Nice basement, like I said ready to move in and relax! But the water must be figured out or off the list it goes.
Alot of work.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well we have been toying with the thought of selling our house and buying something a little bigger with more than 5 acres. Have not made this decision for sure yet, we have looked at what was out there to see if what we are looking for exists and in our price range.
There are a few. But do I want to have to work on another house??? Or just move in and enjoy..................
First I need to sell my house, before that I need to get it ready to sell. YUCK.
What to do, what to do.