Wednesday, May 27, 2009

STILL getting the house ready

It's never ending. In 18 years of living in our current home, we have accumulated more stuff/crap than I can believe. Its everywhere!! If I didn't hate garage sales so much I would have one, but the local Deseret Industries thrift store is making out like a bandit!!
I just cannot believe how much stuff. We took a couple of loads of stuff to the storage unit over the Holiday weekend, mostly furniture. We had to take our new club chair. It really is too big for the room. Chris is sooooo sad. We put in a much smalled chair but it is looks like a kids chair in the room, so rearranging some more.
My frustration level is really high currently. Some days I just think forget about it, it is not worth it. But its going to have to happen some time, so we will attempt it now.
So everynight we pack more and every night I feel like we have made a bigger mess.
The fun just keeps on going!

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