Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well we are moved in, still have stuff in the storage unit to get this month.
Have adjusted to the new space quite easily. Enjoy the extra space and room. We have had the kitchen counters measured and the new ones will be put in the middle of December. After Christmas we will redo the cabinets! Right now the priority is getting the fencing done so we can get the critters into place! We got the tree put up, and we will decorate this week.
Getting Caitlin transferred to the new school. Getting all the address changes in place. Fun stuff like that.
Don't think we will get the house fully decorated for Christmas, but we will get alot done.! Couple neighbors stopped by, both couples from the Teton Valley area. One was Chris's sisters buddy in school. Interesting. The other she was my drill team adviser in High School.
The house is a good fit for us!

Friday, November 20, 2009


After many delays, we FINALLY closed on the new house yesterday!!!!!!
So this weekend is for moving, since the guy that bought our house wants to move in.
Busy busy weekend!
I'm already tired.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The ups and downs of buying a home

just keep coming. We are hoping to close next week, if we can get everything resolved. Buying a foreclosure is so much fun. The loan underwriter is having fits over the mold. Now we live in Southeast Idaho. We are a dry climate, our growing season in short, we still get a hard frost in June and starting in September. Yes we get hot but we do not have high humidity. So the dreaded black mold does not grow here, it cannot survive. However are lender is scared of mold, so we had to find a mold specialist that can test for mold to show that it is just the everyday "leaf" mold. First of all, remember mold is all around us, its everywhere. Its also necessary for the breakdown of plants, etc. Anyway we finally found someone who could test it, or at least take samples, to send to a testing lab in Utah. So now we wait for the results, which we already know, but the lender has to have a lab tell them. This of course means a delay as we had hoped to close today but that will not be happening. Hopefully early next week.
So much fun.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One down, One to go

Okay, we closed on our existing house. It is no longer ours, we are renters in it.
We are supposed to close on our new home on the 12th of November, my Mom's birthday.
Before that can happen we have to have a roof inspection by a certified roofer. Well in little ole Idaho we just started having Contractors licensed a few years back. We have not even moved on to specialties yet. So a contractors license will have to do.
That is supposed to be done today or tomorrow. We also have to go over to the house tonight and do some mold removal. The joy of buying a foreclosure, the bank does NOTHING. Then after we do this we will have an inspector come in and verify if its been done correctly. More fun. Just open up the checkbook and the money flows like water.
Then there is the daily event of sending more documents to our lender for our loan. I swear every day they come up with something else. Thank heavens for the electronic age and the internet. Easy to access just about everything and then e-mail it. If we had to do it in paper copies, a few trees would have died.
So much fun. Although I do believe we are getting closer to actually accomplishing this. I really hope so.
Just another day in the life and what a life!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving forward...literally

Okay, we got the appraisal on our home and it came in above the contract price. YEAH.
We had the inspection on the new house, nothing major, lots of minor. Delayed maintenance. Polite for neglect. Some expense to do it all, but okay.
We close on our little house a week from today and then we get to rent the house for a week or two. We have been cleaning out our garage better known as storage. We have almost filled up the storage unit, and have a big pile that goes to garbage, we took a load of stuff to the Deseret Industries. This week we are packing up more of the house stuff, the stuff we can get by without for a few weeks.
It's funny that when Chris and I are talking and he says this house, he means the new house, he has already mentally moved in. When I say this house, I mean the one we are living in. I have somewhat mentally moved in, but I moved in mentally to a couple of others and had to move out, so I'm trying to contain. Although, I am working on paint colors, what goes where, that kind of stuff.
So much to do, finding new internet provider, cable doesn't go over there, so looking at dish service, that kind of stuff. Trying to figure it all out.
Very tired.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The continuing saga of buying and selling a house

Okay where are we?
Me, I'm in Idaho, I do know that for sure.
On our current house, we had the inspection done, no problems. That is great.
The appraisal on our current house is being done today. If the value they give is lower than the sale price, we have a problem. That could derail the entire thing. Which if it comes down to that, I'm okay. Disappointed but okay.
On the house we want, we are waiting on the signed contract from Fannie Mae, once we have that it goes to our lender and they get going on the loan.
Tomorrow we have the inspection on the new house. This will tell us all the minor problems we know about already and any major issues that might derail the deal. Again, disappointed, but okay.
I'm tired of being stressed 24/7 over this. Its not doing me any good, and I've had enough!! One way or the other I want it done soon. Hopefully all works out and we are in a new house before Thanksgiving.
Lots of back and forth, this is where the Realtor makes their commision. Keeping everything on track.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ping Pong

Do you remember the Atari game of pong........................
That square went back and forth so ssssslllllooooowwwww.
You would hit it and then you watched it go across the screen really slow, then your opponent would hit it back, and we thought this was fun.
Well we are playing a game of pong in the making an offer on the foreclosure house. We made an offer and then a day later we hear from the bank. Then we review the offer and counter. Then we wait again.......this time they responded 10 to 5 on Friday evening. So nothing until next week. So we went back and forth between us, and trying to decide what price. We finally decided on a price a bit higher than we wanted but we want this done. Hopefully this last counter offer will be accepted. The house has been showing alot so I do not want to get involved in a bidding war. However tomorrow, Monday is a Holiday, so I really do not think we will hear from them until Tuesday. I'm going crazy wondering and waiting. We really are hoping this last offer is the one. No matter what we still have to get packed and ready to move out. That part is sad. This house has been so good to us. I love it and really will be sad to leave. Next phase, but still sad to say goodbye.
Hopefully my next post will be great news. I don't want to move on to the next plan, but whatever happens, happens. I am much better at accepting what is to be, than Chris, he wants it the way he wants it and does not bend easily.
So anyway the game of pong continues.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well we have a contract on our house, with a closing date of the 30th of October, which means I will probably be homeless on Halloween.
We have a couple options, I think we will make an offer on a house tomorrow. Not our first choice since that one has already sold. But a good choice. Its a foreclosure, so who knows if its a lemon or not. The inspection should tell us some.
We have an inspection on ours within the next 10 days, hope that goes good.
So we will need to rent for a month or so until we can get in a house. What fun.
Not alot of places that accept, horses, dogs, and cats, hopefully the cows are still up to the farm then, all depends on the weather.
I'm stressed. Like beyond padded walls. Way past chocolate and coca cola making me feel better, not that I'm going to stop that, but its just not quite doing it.
Chris is so easy going, one of the many things I love about him, but it is just not fair. I'm ready to pull my hair out and he is like, no big deal.
It's just another part of life. The constant roller coaster ride that we all know.
We are just at the steep drop............................................

Thursday, September 24, 2009

House and stuff

The house is pretty much our life. We replaced the roof last weekend. Okay, I did not participate, I fed people. Chris had the old roof scraped off by Saturday morning, that was a mess. I kept dusting and dusting just to dust some more. But we have a new roof. We had two showings during the roof work.
So far no offers yet.
We have not had any showings this week. Makes me somewhat concerned. I hate this whole process. Just waiting.
We have the big cattle roundup this weekend. Nice to get away. Even if it is more work, although the work is fun, its riding 4 wheelers. Time to bring the cows down off the forest range right. We have a group of about 25 people, the majority are on horseback, we ride up and down the roads looking for signs of cows.
I look forward to it. It is part of fall. Something to look forward to. The trees have started to change so its really pretty and I ALWAYS have my camera with me.
Like I said, its nice to leave the house. Removes me from the constant thinking of we need to sell the house. Although right now, there isn't alot of options, the house we wanted did get an offer on it and it was accepted. We have even toyed with building. WHO knows! I certaintly do not.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We are having consistent showings of the house, but so far no offer, yet. I have to put the yet, someone will love my house as much as I do.
I'm not as freaked by the showings now. I stay pretty calm, still get a bit uncomfortable about the thought of people roaming thru my house. Still weird.
The first time home buyer credit, which is what category our house falls in to, expires the end of November. So an offer would need to be accepted before then. That at least offers some hope also. Who wouldn't want eight grand for just buying a house. I would, however I already own a house so I do not qualify.
The house we are interested in is still on the market, we had a bit of a panic over the weekend, an offer was supposed to be coming in on it, but it fell thru on Monday.
If that house sells, then we have really really slim pickings and may have to look into another county. Not to thrilled about that, but do what we have to.
You never find the perfect house. You find close to perfect, even if you build it will not be perfect, you have to make sacrifices for certain things. Location may be our sacrifice.
When we bought our house some 18 years ago, it was hideous, ugly ugly red, brown orange shag carpet in the living room. Brick red and brown linoleum. Orange carpet in one bedroom, pink in another and baby blue in the master, and all filthy. I mean you could see dirty footprints in them. The kitchen had nasty brown cabinets, with plastic drawers. But it had two acres, good area, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and it was in our price range. We saw past all of that, knew we would have to repaint the entire house which we did. I mean the owners painted around their furniture, there was an outline of the headboard, the dresser, everything, it was so hilarious. I wish I would have taken a picture. Anyway, we could see it for what it could become. Its the same today. I am amazed by how many people, think that they get perfect, including first time home buyers. I think that is true in so many things, everything has to be just perfect. Instead of the best of our abilities.
Anyway, this entire process to date has been very interesting. Very. I've learned that I hate getting up at the crack of dawn and cleaning for an hour or more to make sure everything is in its place, polished, shined, cleaned, dusted, straightened and vacuumed within an inch of its life. Sure I like the clean, just not the stepford clean. My in-law/outlaws came over and had numerous comments about isn't this so nice, why would you want to move. WHY, 1 bathroom people. Think stomach flu. I know of what I speak of. Also, a little more than an acre for 10 cows, 1 bull, 2 horses, 1 burro, 3 dogs and two cats that have the run of the outside. Need a little more acreage. Need a little more house space. The house we want is way more house space than we really need but it works, and it has the acreage AND is within the budget.
Tomorrow the house is showing in the evening, so a good time to go out to eat. This weekend we are replacing the roof. Needs it. Not setting foot on the roof, not happening. I'll play gopher. The MEN can do the roof.
I'll get pizza!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember

Today is Sept. 11th. I remember that day. Chris was driving me to work, and we where talking about the first plane crashing and listening to the radio. After I got to work, it was nothing but online for all of us. Just watching everything we could. My one boss was in Sarasota Florida at the time, at a jobsite. He was stuck there for a few extra days. President Bush was in Sarasota at the time. I still remember the video of him in the classroom being told quietly in front of the kids, and him remaining totally in control and still focused on the children. I remember calling family friends who had kids in NYC and asking them about their kids, everyone was okay.
I still see the images in my mind.
That night Chris and I talked about what we would do, if there was no way to make phone contact with eachother. Get Cait, and make it home.
We still talk about what we would do if some huge emergency came up, Get Cait and get home.
I have not forgotten. I just wish the patriotism afterwards still remained.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Home showing

Okay our house has officially had its first potential buyer showing.
First thoughts, I am not cut out for this. I was sick to my stomach all of yesterday afternoon, the thought of someone going thru my house and everything in it and forming an opinion. Very unsettling for me. The house felt strange when I got home.
This house selling is hard on my nerves.
Supposedley, the potential buyer is going to come thru the house again next week with her boyfriend to look at it again. Likes the house, a bit overwhelmed by our yard. I like trees...........alot!
So we wait and continue on as we have been.
Hopefully it will not take long, I will have a stomach ulcer if it goes on and on.
I had no idea I would have this type of reaction. The anxiety is unreal to me. Chris has no problems, and this is the man that suffers from panic attacks now and then. What is wrong with this picture?
Anyway, this is our life for the time being.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's For Sale

FINALLY our house is for sale.
Yippee skippee.
It feels so good to see that sign out front!.
the link................

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Sale.......finally

Well we FINALLY got it on the market. We still have work to do. The major stuff is done but we still have some outdoor stuff to do. Some little touch ups in the house.
Chris and I were sitting in the living room last night looking around and thinking how bare the house seemed. It is so lean in furnishings and pictures and the likes, plus no personal pictures other than some of my landscapes.
On Thursday our Realtor will bring the agents from her office thru to view. Kind of scary actually. I mean people come in and roam thru your house and comment about it.
I love my little house. We have outgrown it, but its been ours!
So now we just live life like a stepford wife. Vacumn b4 walking out the door, everything, placed, picked up, straightened and shined. yuck. Hopefully the outcome will be what we are hoping.

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

Thursday the 21st was the first day of school for Cait. 4th Grade! I cannot believe it. I don't leave for work until after she gets on the bus, I'm late for work, but I work for some great people. So I get to watch her. We took pictures outside, talked and you could see the anxiety. I think she was more nervous this year than any other.
Alot of her friends are not in the same class, so that has stressed her. So she will hopefully make new friends. Its so hard to watch your child struggle with anything, no matter how small it may seem. The constant urge to protect and shelter to not let anything hurt them, but you cannot go to school with them. So when she comes home and tells you that her best friend is mad at her for being friends with someone else (who is in her class) it's frustrating, and girls can really be petty. She seemed okay though. Time will tell. She has a new teacher, I'm old cuz her teacher looks like a high school teachers aide. I believe that new teachers are a good thing. They have lots of ideas and ambition, and love to teach. Now nothing against Teachers who have been doing this a long time, but sometimes, they do the minimum and seem to have given up on all the fun and creative learning ideas, to just make sure the state standards are met. I will not go into the State or Federal standards, because that just fires me up and I start getting angry. Anyway, there are some Teachers who have been doing this a long time and still strive to be creative and fun, which is awesome, but a Teaching certificate is not based on your creativity. New Teachers are like the new car, everything is shiny and smells good and no problems ahead. I like that. They are as excited as the kids, which is awesome. We have a great elementary school, still big, but some great people. The principal is so dedicated to these kids its amazing. The kids adore him, if they see him outside of school they still go running up to him like he is Santa. My frustrations are the size of our school. Its BETTER than it has since the newest new school opened. Down from a student population of 1042 to 637. Thats good, but the class size for the 4th and 5th grades are still on the high side. We are still in the top five for size in our state. Last year we had the number 1 spot, something we are glad to give up.
The first day is fun with all the new stuff, hopefully it will last.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home (or Evil Abode) stretch

The Realtor will be here later in the week for the photos. Still doing stuff, but stuff that will not show up on photos...
I'm tired of painting, organizing, repair, and the likes. School starts tomorrow and all I can think about is I want a vacation. I don't want to think about the house. I just want to buy the one I want and get on with it. Although, if we do buy a house the reality is that it too will need to be painted, at least to colors I can live with, wallpaper taken down, and the worse part....fences to build! YUCK. I still want a vacation.
Cait set up a roadside stand yesterday...........she sold rocks and apples!! She made a dollar. After her first sale, she closed up the stand. Too funny.
We took the camper in for a few little repairs so it will hopefully be ready for the Labor Day camping weekend. First time out with the camper this year...so sad.
Maybe this weekend we will take a little break and go play at Rigby Lake. Although I think Chris wants to go golfing since it is his birthday. Maybe both. Maybe I can sleep thru the golf part.....
and so life continues..............................

Friday, August 14, 2009


Okay, we told the realtor that this evil abode would be done this weekend.
Can we do it? I don't know, I'm tired of staying up late painting, cuz its too hot to paint when I get home, the paint is just sticky. We have replaced the vanity and the floor in the bathroom and re-painted it. So just doing the finishing touches in there. The 3rd bedroom we have painted the walls, just need to do the trim and then set it up. Caitlin's is done other than the window trim needs painted, oh and some kind of window treatment, nothing big, just a little something.
Still need to do some work outside, clean everything up, replace some flowers, add a couple of shrubs.
Then its staging time. So busy weekend ahead.
Not looking forward to it. Just want it over.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

PTO and mice

Okay I turned down the PTO Newsletter Editor. I enjoyed parts of it last school year, but not all of it. Pressure to get after everyone for their columns. Updating ads, not to mention creating some of the ads. Sometimes it was very time consuming and always on a deadline.
With trying to sell the house, I just felt I would not give it 100%, which I would feel bad. I already feel guilty for saying no. Ah the guilt we Moms feel. Chris has no such qualms. I have a buddy who works at her kids school and she loves that. Sometimes I think that would be fun, schedule the same, summers off, but she does it for a little extra money to go towards their remodel not as a second income. (C, I'm talking about you-yes I'm jealous) Cannot believe school starts in two weeks.
Chris is actually the one who is going to get Cait registered today. Chris is very involved which I think is so totally amazing and hot! Should be interesting, not to mention I wonder how many phone calls I will receive. But I could not get it done, with the other commitments of today. So glad that I have a Super Hubby, who will do these things. I'm willing to bet my one brother would not do it, he would expect his wife to take care of those things, my other brother would do it in a heartbeat. Interesting the diff between the two.
Anyway its cool.
Yesterday we had a mouse in the house!!! EEEK. Tried to find our older cat to bring her in, of course she was out prowling. So we brought in KitKat, she is just a couple years old, anyway, she failed the task.
Last night, Miss Kitty (Nephews and niece named her) showed up so we brought her in. She disappeared in our bedroom for hours, so hopefully its gone. However large quatities of De-Con have been put out in containers that mice can get to, but not cats. Yuck, I hate mice. The joys of living in the country. Hate mouse traps, I just throw the entire thing away, I'm not taking the mouse out and using it again. GROSS.
Did school clothes shopping online. Not that much, she has plenty of clothes, PLENTY! I admit to that. Online is so nice. I search for coupons or offers for the sites I want and just about everytime I can find something, free shipping, 25% off, $30 dollars off, plus I get mailers alot to. Makes it such a great deal. Not to mention, I'm done in minutes. I hate the mall, besides a couple of my fav stores are not here, so I would have to go to SLC, which is not a bad thing, just no time right now. Besides I'm thinking if we do get the house we want, we will be taking a trip to IKEA, World Market and Taipan Trading, that will probably require a U-haul to bring it all back. That could be one very fun and expensive trip. We cannot get away from IKEA cheaply. Not that I mind, my wallet might mind, but it will recover.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Okay, it seems that I have misplaced July, if you find it, please send it to me!
School registration is this week and school starts on the 20th of this month.
I received a phone call yesterday from the new PTO secretary wanting to know if I would do the school newsletter again this year.......I honestly could not give an answer right away. I just do not know. Do I want to take that on again. I love being a part of Cait's school, but that one is a once a month thing that takes up some time. Still thinking on it.
Back to school supplies have been bought. Need to go thru her closet and see what still fits, etc. and fill in. Love the school supplies, such fun. Cait will be in the 4th grade, when did that happen. Scary. It is still so much fun, challenging to the max, but watching her grow is so amazing. Although the squeals for the Jonas brothers is enough to make me want to medicate!
The evil abode, is getting closer to being ready, I hope by late next week it will be on the market. Some things we can continue to work on when its on the market.
I really do not want to do this again anytime soon. But I also do not want to sort thru 18 years of stuff either. Find a happy medium. Have found a house we want, hope it stays on the market.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life continued....

Well I went back to TJ Max to see if they had more white organic cotton sheets, no go, they had them in blue. I am so loving the white.
In Target last week and saw they had the school supply lists for the different schools out, so picked up Cait's list and picked just about all of it up. Finished at Office Max. I love back to school supplies, the pencils, the boxes of crayons, the new tablets, all that stuff. Always get extras, one, the prices are really great, two, need to replace throughout the year and third, give some to the Teacher for extras. School starts the 20th of August. Less than a month away and we have not gone camping, gone to Bear Lake, none. House. The evil abode.
We will take a quick ride up in the forest this weekend to see if the Huckleberries are on.
Used some space bags to store some clothes, and such. Interesting. Boxes seem easier, not really worried about the space since it is going into storage.
Still making progress with the house. Getting closer, thank heavens, it really is getting old.
Hopefully there will still be time to get some camping in.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Linen Indulgence

In the process of getting our house ready, I thought I would change the linens for our bedroom. I have always gone with darker colors, I'm drawn to the chocolates, the deep reds. Anyway with the sheets, I usually get dark red, or a great chocolate brown. I was in TJ Max, one of my favorites shopping places. Awesome deals for excellent prices. THE ONLY PLACE I BUY PURSES. Back to the point, I was looking thru the sheet selection and I saw alot of crisp white sheets, and those just remind me of hotels and luxury. So I thought why not for my bed, its crisp and clean. I bought a set of organic cotton sheets for $29. I LOVE organic cotton, so soft, feels so good. Anyway, washed them up, hung them on the clothesline to dry, my summer dryer, and then made the bed. I am in heaven. First the look of white with a red pillow for accent and a tan blanket folded down on the bed, it looks amazing in my bedroom. The walls are painted a melted milk chocolate brown, Red accent headboard. But the best part is the feel of the sheets not to mention the fresh line dryed smell. MMMMM
Heaven. I think I may be a convert to solid white sheets only from now on.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July already....

Wow, June is gone, the 4th of July is over, so fast.
STILL do not have the house ready. No surprise there. Had great visit with my brother and SIL and fam while they where here. Brief, but good. Miss them already.
Also got to see my niece and her little girl, even if it was at 11 at night. Need to get to Utah for a visit and shopping spree. Maybe August for back to school shopping.
We did have to get the cows out to pasture, then up on the forest, need to keep the wolves and bears fed.
Horses moved also.
Working on the house, much closer, sometimes I wonder if we are stalling on purpose, maybe this is not what we should do at this time, kind of thing. But making progress none the less.
Sorting thru so many clothes its ridiculous, I mean seriously, bags of clothes to DI.
Then what did I do last week, yup bought 3 more shirts for me. So much stuff for 3 people.
Kindof nice to get thru it and get rid of stuff, move on, perhaps literally?
FYI, if you love IKEA you must check out www.ikeahacker.blogspot.com it is so cool, what people have done with IKEA stuff. Really fun. Check it out.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid house

Thats the way I feel. Stupid house, tired of it. Have not got much done, too many things happening on the weekends. Birthday party to plan, invitations to make. Yes when you have only one child, you spoil, try and deny it. Yes I make the invitations, I enjoy it.
Family in town, have to go visit and play. Worth every moment!
Other obligations, named cows, fence to repair, need more pasture, so much moisture the pasture is just a mudbog. Need to get them moved in the next few days.
Middle of June and have not had a dry day yet.
So today I have a list, small and manageable, of things I want done in the house.
First the last of the clothes needs to be sorted, winter things put away, and some of the summer stuff packed away also, so the closets are not loaded.
Kitchen painted due to the remodel.
Linen closet cleaned out. That one is scary.
Nothing too much.
We had Cait's party yesterday. Local game place, lots of fun, the kids had fun, but I am glad it is over. Alway worry that someone will not have a good time, but I think we did okay.
Cait has a party to go to for one of her friends tonight. Chris I think is going to go fix fence, so I have the evening alone to work on projects. Should be nice.
Wish everything was done and I could just sit back and watch a movie. Oh well another time.
The focus is the house. Keep telling myself that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

STILL getting the house ready

It's never ending. In 18 years of living in our current home, we have accumulated more stuff/crap than I can believe. Its everywhere!! If I didn't hate garage sales so much I would have one, but the local Deseret Industries thrift store is making out like a bandit!!
I just cannot believe how much stuff. We took a couple of loads of stuff to the storage unit over the Holiday weekend, mostly furniture. We had to take our new club chair. It really is too big for the room. Chris is sooooo sad. We put in a much smalled chair but it is looks like a kids chair in the room, so rearranging some more.
My frustration level is really high currently. Some days I just think forget about it, it is not worth it. But its going to have to happen some time, so we will attempt it now.
So everynight we pack more and every night I feel like we have made a bigger mess.
The fun just keeps on going!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting the house ready for market

Oh my heck, what a pain this is. I'm tired of cleaning things out, packing stuff, hauling it off to the storage unit. Trying to really keep the bare minimum. Which is really difficult, how to live and keep our stuff to the bare minimum. So we took our dining room table out of the dining room the hutch will go also. We have a small gathering table to put in its place. Its much smaller in size and scale, should work really well.
More furniture has to go, along with stuff. 18 years in one house and you accumulate alot of stuff/crap. Boxes and tubs, for storage, stuff for the Deseret Industries Thrift Store and stuff to just go straight into the garbage.
Also some projects to finish to have the house ready to show. Should have done this during the winter, we need to have it on the market now, for the Spring Fever buy a house itch.
What a process!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay so the newer house with 5 acres is out. NO WATER RIGHTS. Which makes 5 acres a dustbowl.
We are still progressing with getting ours ready for sale. We may have to expand to Bonneville County instead of just Jefferson County and see what is out there.
I will admit to being sad about the newer house. The house was perfect, but not the land. So now I have to try and not compare everything to it. I did find a 2 yr old house on 10 acres with an unfinished basement, but it's 70k out of our range!!! In a perfect world, once ours is on the market and we get a perfect offer, that one will drop in price by 70k.........Now let's deal with reality!
I've picked out the paint color to paint the inside of most of the rooms, to mellow my strong colors. We will replace the bathroom vanity this weekend, along with the floor.
At least this way my house projects are on the fast trak!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

For sale

So we are getting our house ready to put on the market. Cleaning out closets, clutter and such. We will get a storage unit to put everything in including some furniture so everything will look open and so much room.
We have to paint alot of the the rooms inside. I like color alot. I like strong colors alot. So we going somewhat more neutral.
Putting our dining room and hutch in storage, putting in a pub style table with a very small console table in the dining room instead. Then we will see if we put the island in or leave it out.
So much work.
We did look at a house last weekend, I've been looking at in online alot! HOWEVER, the reason we started this journey was more space, more land with water rights. Not a long of land just a min. of 5 acres or more. In the are we want, there are TWO choices, and both are at opposite ends of the choice bar. One is heavier on the land with water rights, but lots of work and extra money to do the work on the house. The other is heavy on the just move into the house and enjoy, but less land with no water, although supposedly there are supposed to be rights or a way. So we are looking into the "way".
Now I will tell you I am emotional about both. They say to never get emotional about buying a house, but I really don't know how you don't, if your emotions are not involved why would you buy?
Anyway the one house happens to be across the street, the same age as our house about 35 years old, but with a basement. However it really needs work, it has a wood stove which has to go and a gas fireplace put in its place, lots of drywall, insulation, paint, new carpeting, tearing down one very ugly rock wall, etc. etc.
It has a small kitchen and a small dining room. The only way to make those bigger is to build out. Without the kitchen build out, its a min. of 10 grand. With the whole thing about 50k. Will the house be worth it? Can I sell it later on for that price?
With all of that it would still only have 2 bathrooms. Now the land and water are no issues, 12 acres with water rights, stay in the same area.
Other house has only 5 acres with the water issues, these issues may literally take it off the table. The house is excellent. Small bedrooms, master is good sized, medium size kitchen and dining. Nice basement, like I said ready to move in and relax! But the water must be figured out or off the list it goes.
Alot of work.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well we have been toying with the thought of selling our house and buying something a little bigger with more than 5 acres. Have not made this decision for sure yet, we have looked at what was out there to see if what we are looking for exists and in our price range.
There are a few. But do I want to have to work on another house??? Or just move in and enjoy..................
First I need to sell my house, before that I need to get it ready to sell. YUCK.
What to do, what to do.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Last night we went to see Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity Tour. We went with another couple and had plans to eat dinner before hand. Its all planned, we will go to our favorite Mexican place in Poky that we have been eating at for over 25 years. Since its in Poky, we only get there about 6-7 times a year, and its been a few months since our last visit, end of January. So we pull in and there are no cars, and I'm thinking wait a minute its not Sunday, nor is it September so they should be open.
They are not, a big sign is in the window, out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Close to 30 years The Pilot House has been in business and now its gone, no more Ricks Pizza. I cannot believe it. I took a picture and sent it to my brother and his family in Germany, their reaction will be the same, shock and such disappointment.
Back to our plans, so we had to come up with a plan b and make it quick cuz we needed to be at Holt Arena (the mini dome) by 7. So we thought okay Buddy's Italian, but the line was out the door. Now we have like 20 minutes, so McDonalds here we come. Such a letdown, not to mention just icky.
We did make it in time and laughed for hours. My jaw aches from laughing so hard. If you have a chance to see Jeff Dunham in concert or watch him on Comedy Central do it!
Peanut is my favorite dude!!
Even with the great entertainment, I cannot get over the Pilot House closing. Not just awesome food, that in itself will be missed greatly, but the fun we had going with family, laughing and joking, catching up. It was a meeting place to gather with family. I'm glad we went in January, but to think we will not go there anymore.
So sad.
Farewell Pilot House and Ricks Pizza, you will be missed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reality or limited view

Okay the other day I was online checking out the news, usual suspects after the local news are MSNBC, Foxnews and MSN, well I believe it was MSN and one of the things that caught my eye was Celebrities and the "humongous" purses or totes and the latest looks for less, for those who have to have the same thing. Anyway in this article it talked about a couple of bags that retail for 1500k and how you can get a similar look but for much less. Do you know what they consider much less, 600-800 dollars???
I get that this is half the cost but does the average shopper pay that kind of money for a purse???? Do you pay the equivalent of a new car payment for a purse? Is that today's reality? I don't see it. I mean tell me about a really good quality leather purse for $50, and I might get serious, but the color and the leather have got to be ideal. I mean really good soft but not paper thin leather. That will hold up for years. I have bought some trendy purses, but never over $30, not for a trendy color. Then I have paid $60-$70 for a really good leather purse in black or brown that I have had for years and continue to use during the winter. I go bright colors generally in the Spring Summertime. So am I just sheltered and my friends and family think the same, but the average person is different. Are there more people out there with incomes who can afford to spend that kind of change on purses? Or is it just another, wanna be like the current celeb of the moment? Is that what it is, people will blindly toss that kind of money away to have a purse like such and such. I just find it very interesting what is considered getting a great deal on a purse for $600 is a deal in these times. Perhaps that is why we are in these times.
It's like when they show an outfit and how you to can have this trendy outfit but for much less. $400 for a cardigan, $120 for jeans, holy cow, I must be sheltered cuz that is so far out of what I would spend its unreal.
When did we shift to those kinds of numbers as being acceptable?
The other day while watching the local news they gave the numbers for middle income in my state, according to the numbers we are middle middle income. Yet I still think these numbers are way out there.
Perhaps we need to adjust our thinking in terms of acceptable numbers.
Something to ponder upon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life happens

Okay so the pieces of furniture we bought where delivered last night. Now the living room is full of furniture. Chris and his buddy where working on installing the mantel. I decided to fix myself a sandwich. Then did a stupid, fully acknowledge the stupid, it even went thru my head prior to the stupid and sliced my pinky finger. Holy crap it hurt, not to mention bled horribly. So I stick it under the cold water, all the time expressing myself colorfully, and Chris comes in and looks at it and says okay that needs stitches. So off to the local urgent emergency care. Took me right in, examined it, deadened it, cleaned it and stitched it up. No feeling in the upper part of my pinky, should come back slowly. Got a tetnus shot for my efforts, stopped for some take out. Came back home and did not rearrange the furniture.
As always, when you think you know whats going on, life happens and sends you in another direction. Oh well minor detour.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Re-arrange furniture

So tomorrow we get our new pieces of furniture, now we based our purchases on the new layout, so we get to see how well everything fits and works. This should mean additional adjustments, always interesting. Also tomorrow, we are having a mantle put in. Its big, bigger than I was thinking, I was thinking more of a faux mantle, not a real mantle. Meaning it sticks our from the wall more than I thought. Its really nice, the color is a different brown, but I think it will work fine. Cannot wait to see it all come together. There is some frustration, I want it a certain way, and until I get it that way I have frustration. Exciting......and challenging.
After the foundation is done, then comes the really enjoyable part, putting the accents in. Its like adding the jewelry to your outfit, makes it all POP!
Now for the weather, I know that people call Chicago the windy city, but really come to Idaho, southeast Idaho is unbelievably windy. I hate the wind. Really hate the wind. Despise the wind. It is so cold. The stockwaterer is freezing from the wind, FROM THE WIND! Like frozen for and inch.
Even talk of no school tomorrow due to the cold. I doubt it. The wind chill would have to be 35 below, I do not see that for tomorrow. Its cold, but we would need to be single digits with gusting winds over 20 mph. I'll let you know.
We will see.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Okay we decided that we needed a new chair in the living room/family room. Our house is small, less than 1200 sq ft. So the living room is the family room. Anyway, we have a sofa and a recliner. We decided to get a club chair or chair and a half with a ottoman. So Saturday we went looking. In my mind I am thinking about 800 bucks should probably do it. I was wrong, wrong wrong. The first store we went to was Interior Accents in IF. Its a really nice furniture store, smaller but fabulous pieces. Anyway we found a gorgeous club chair, that has the combination leather and fabric. So nice, 1600 bucks. Then we wandered around looking at others and I found a sofa table, not looking for one, but found one that is so neat. Then we found like a side table that we could use for under the TV (wall mounted) and put the cable and dvd players on. Anyway for all of it 2778 buckeroos. So we had her write everything down and we went on to other stores. NOTHING came close. So while we ate lunch we called her and did a little negotiating and got everything for less the 2300. Now I am having a little buyers remorse, I want the furniture I just think, we kindof went overboard a bit. Yes they are all quality pieces that will last, just kind of a shock to me. We have never really spent alot on furniture. A few hundred here and there, 800 for the coach. Worldmarket find. Love it. Never big purchases, I guess this is big for me, maybe not so for some of you, but for us it is. Anyway, it will all be delivered on Wednesday. CANNOT WAIT!
BTW when I got home Friday night, Chris told me that one of the cows calved and the calf died. Chris was pretty upset. She gave no signs that she was ready so perhaps something was wrong. Its frustrating though. I mean a dead calf is like losing 500-600 dollars. Hopefully we will have better luck with the others.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Have you ever emotionally reacted to reading a book? Of course, that is the purpose of reading, to take you into the writers imagination. So, a reaction is expected, sadness, joy, concern, fear, all of that right.
Well last night after finishing a book that is a series, a delightful, charming series with some fabulous recipes. Anyway this series is a "cozy mystery" series, so there is always a mystery to solve by the main character and her co-horts, most also are romance. Well in this series there has been a "lovers triangle" you know two men vying for the main characters attention. This has been going on for quite a few of the books. Well in this book, the author made one of the men somewhat of a bad guy. After finishing the book, I literally went into a funk, I was depressed, why do this. I was tired of the triangle aspect, and this appears to do that. Until the next book I really do not know but, it really bothered me. Why? That is what I cannot quite pin down. Its so weird. My husband thinks I'm too involved in reading, if it upsets me. Anyway it just struck me as out of my norm. Perhaps the reason for the mood is that she has one of her characters do something that I disagree with and am disappointed in his behavior, perhaps that is it. I'm disappointed not in a funk, just let down. Oh well, its just a character in a book, so better to be disappointed in a fictionary character than a friend, or loved one. Should be interesting to see what happens in the next book?? Which is the point is it not? So successful writing!
Anyway, now to move on with life. New carpet being put in the living room tomorrow. Yeah. Boo for tonight to have to clear out the room. Fun.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cold and cough

First off, 3rd grade most definitely kicked our butt!! We should have helped more on her science project. I get a little panicky about doing too much and not letting her do the work. This time we should have helped more. #$&*&$ frustrating. Need to find the balance.
She struggled the whole week with a cold just like me, she would fall asleep at 5:30 and get up at 7 in the morning. So tired. Both of us just miserable with sinus and cough. Still sick this week but slowly getting over it. I hate colds. Two visits to the doc, multiple antibiotics to try, this latest one seems to be working, other than its hard on my stomach. Hopefully she feels better in the morning. I'm still struggling with it.
Chris had it but not as long, of course. Why is that? He never seems to get as sick. I take vitamins, supplements, Chris does not. Never fails. Oh well, such as it is. I think I just get run down. Take on too much. Or take on too much stress, perhaps. Perhaps, its not dealing with stress as well. Need to leave work at work. Put more time into relaxing. We did have a wonderful weekend a bit back. We stayed in a local hotel with a pool, swam, ordered pizza and watched movies. It was so much fun. I really would like to take a weekend shopping in Utah. Just a few stores, Taipan Trading, World Market, and IKEA, but man, after those 3, I can seriously drop some coin. So cannot do it too often. Maybe in April.
This weekend we are looking for a club chair and ottoman to replace the recliner.
That should be fun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time gets away from me all the time. Usually when life happens in unexpected ways. February has been that way.
We had an excellent visit with my brother and his wife, and their two youngest boys. Only get to see them once or twice a year, sometimes not even that. Military....that explains it.
Love visiting with them. Wish they lived near, not in another country. Oh well.
We had a great time watching the superbowl together, at my other brothers house. Good time, great rivalry within the family, making it that much more fun watching the game. However the after party was the pits, it was spent at the emergency room with my parents, after they got in a car crash. My Mom got the worst of it. A couple broken ribs, couple cracked ones, lacerated liver, and whiplash. She stayed in the hospital for a few days. Dad got to go home that night (actually it was early morning). Chris and I stayed until they got her into her room, 3ish or something. So difficult when your parents age, mine are in their seventies. It's tough when somewhere along the line the child becomes the parent to their own parents. Dad is doing okay. Mom is having a harder time, taking longer to heal, tries to do to much and then add another day of just resting.
That would be enough to make February yuck. However, not this time, Chris gets blood work back that needs further investigation. So he had a liver biopsy, the good news is that he has fatty liver, which considering the other alternatives, is a good thing. Some diet changes and possibly medicine will hopefully resolve this. He also is having some kidney issues, which we are waiting on what that is. Should have the results shortly. Hope for the best, but deal with the rest. Now I have a cold. Its just never ending. Waiting for a new month. March will be better.
Cait has a science project this Friday, (3rd grade-not to scientific) however its not working like it says. Simple project, large container, put in one cup water mixed with two drops red food coloring. Then add eight more cups of water until clear (this is what the instructions say) well it will not be clear, just slightly pink. So we have to work with the results given.
Terrible when 3rd grade kicks your butt.
Fun stuff.
Cait gets her head gear next week, she has an underbite. Today we go in and get the metal spacers on her teeth, then they take the measurements and send them off to have the gear made. Then in about 3 months she will get braces on her top four teeth. She will have the headgear for about 9 months. Then when she is a teenager she will have full on braces.
Ka-ching!!!!! Couple grand just for the headgear. More fun stuff. More life happenings!
Been working on getting the taxes done. I realize I have a brother who is an excellent CPA and is more than willing to do the taxes, yet for some reason I feel I must do them myself, me and TurboTax that is. I really like TurboTax. Getting a refund, so thats good. We have had a couple of years of paying and that is so not my kind of thing. We made adjustments and for the last 5 years have not had to pay. Need to try and finish those tonight after piano lessons.
Finished the Elementary PTO newsletter and sent that off to the printer. One more thing to check off.
We should start calving in the next few weeks. We have 9 cows, Cait has one cow. Always enjoy the calving. Not the stress, but the newborn calves are so cool. It really is amazing to see one being born. Hopefully we don't have any losses. I'll post pictures after they are cleaned up!
Well thats enough of the life and times!!!!!
Come on March!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Halfway thru January

Okay, Christmas is over and pretty much packed up. One lone tote, for the last things you find, that you have been looking at for weeks, not recognize as Christmas. You know how that goes, you look up one day and go, wait thats Christmas stuff, shouldn't that be put away. Oh well, happens every year. So I guess it could be called tradition. Besides at this time of year, I've been shopping the clearance sales, so things have to be put away for Christmas. I have the neighbors gifts, co-workers gifts, etc. already. That is a great feeling. I can pick up something really fun and CHEAP, but no one realizes how little money I spent. I like a bargain!!! I am done with that also. Now its just packing up and putting away, and then adding the new things for the house that we got for Christmas or on clearance after. FUN. I enjoy that.
We still need to finish our kitchen remodel. All the difficult stuff is done, now its the detail stuff. Why that is taking so long I really don't know. I want it done, but the backsplash, and the final touchup painting. So strange that it is not getting done, it annoys me, but still does not motivate me. Maybe now that the Holiday are over, I'll focus again.
The New Year also brings out the notion of all the stuff I want to accomplish this year. Too many projects that did not get done last year already start the list. Maybe the list needs to be banned, and just accomplish what comes up. That might be a better approach.
Then add to that, Cait's grades are bad. 3rd grade shouldn't have bad grades. 3rd grade should still be A's. We have a chatter, socialite, flitterbug. So now she has to buckle down and get serious and her social activities have to be curtailed. 3rd grade should not be this way. It's not like she cannot do the work, she just wont focus and do it right away, then she has to rush to finish and doesn't even read the directions! So frustrating to get her to understand that homework alone will not do it. Then she argues that she knows what the Teacher wants. Too much of my personality coming thru. SCARY. Trying to figure out the best way to move forward.
Love my life. Never the norm of what I think will happen.
I do love my life. Love it. My husband is awesome, and works so hard for us. He is struggling with some health issues and really hates making changes. I agree I have a problem with that also. We both need to work on changes, eating and exercising. Don't we all. My daughter is a blessing like you would not believe. She is so amazing and so strong willed that it scares the daylights out of me. We live in a beautiful area, little house on 2 tiny acres. It's tiny acreage cuz there are 10 cows, 4 horses, 1 burro, 3 dogs and 2 cats sharing the place.
Anyway life is good. Frustrating, trying, but so good. Just trying to enjoy.