Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life happens

Okay so the pieces of furniture we bought where delivered last night. Now the living room is full of furniture. Chris and his buddy where working on installing the mantel. I decided to fix myself a sandwich. Then did a stupid, fully acknowledge the stupid, it even went thru my head prior to the stupid and sliced my pinky finger. Holy crap it hurt, not to mention bled horribly. So I stick it under the cold water, all the time expressing myself colorfully, and Chris comes in and looks at it and says okay that needs stitches. So off to the local urgent emergency care. Took me right in, examined it, deadened it, cleaned it and stitched it up. No feeling in the upper part of my pinky, should come back slowly. Got a tetnus shot for my efforts, stopped for some take out. Came back home and did not rearrange the furniture.
As always, when you think you know whats going on, life happens and sends you in another direction. Oh well minor detour.