Thursday, August 19, 2010


Busy August and its barely half over. But being barely half over means school starts for Caitlin the 1st of September. Yesterday I got her registered for 5th grade. This will be her first full year at Southfork, hope its better than last year. Moving into a new school mid-year was really hard for her. Let's hope this year is good. I was disappointed with the registration, it was very chaotic. JE did such a better job, I'm sure this year was no different. Anyway its done, and she is ready for the first day, kinda. We have to put in for a deviation on transportation, since we are both at work, she will go to Grandma & Granpa Henman's after school. For the most part that works well. She needs to try harder to get her homework done, instead of go watch t.v. I think we are done with the school shopping other than a couple pairs of shoes. She thinks she can wear my shoes, "they fit" just because there is another inch or two of space does not mean anything. Sorry, but I do not share shoes. I'm funny that way.
Last weekend I made and bottled 24 pints of salsa, whew that was one long day. But I'm glad to have it done. I have not "canned" anything for years. I mostly freeze, but this was good. I think I will freeze some corn this weekend, we love corn, and I am not a big fan of canned corn. I don't think too many packages, mostly still on the cob, a few packages of cut corn also. Looking forward to getting some peaches and raspberries, so I can make some more freezer jam.
Tuesday I had to go into my dentist, back molar causing me pain. They had done some temp work on it, with thoughts of root cannel next. However the tooth was in bad shape when they did the temp work, it was even worse when I went it. It's just slowly deteriorated, so since its in the back and the root canal would help but just for awhile til the tooth completely came out, I went for the yank it out now. Which they did. So now I'm hurting. Yesterday was a liquid diet, gag protein shakes. Today is a soft foods diet, pretty close on the gag, with lots of Motrin for the pain. If I could have I would have stayed home yesterday and today. This is just miserable, but short handed in the office, so I work. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
We need to get our camper ready for labor day weekend, that's a chore. Not a trip, just taking it up to the farm for the labor day weekend campout with Chris's family. No biggie, but do need to have the camper ready. Perhaps this weekend along with everything else that keeps getting put off. YUCK. Need more hours, days, weekends.
Oh well, its life and I love mine.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just the Everyday

We got all the school supply shopping done. We had to run into Wal-Mart one Saturday and I had the list, so we started and finished and came in under budget. I mean we only have one child so it really is not a huge thing for school supplies. We also pick up extras, the price is always the best, then the extras get stored in a school tote for use as needed. Works well for us. Caitlin has been going thru her closet very slowly. What still fits, what is worn out, and what she does not wear, never liked gets put in a pile. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't sell them on e-bay. Is the pay-off worth the effort as opposed to just giving to someone you know needs the clothes. Still thinking on it right now. Have done some online shopping for school clothes, love online shopping, always find a coupon, so those packages should start showing up. I am much more restrained this year than in the past. Probably tired of all the stuff that gets put in the give-away pile.
I have been purchasing produce thru Bountiful Baskets for quite a few months, one of the many benefits that I am realizing is even if I know we are not going to get something eaten right away, I can do something with it. I have made numerous batches of freezer jam, but small quantities, like just a few pints. Do you know how nice that is, to just do a small batch, instead of flats of fruit. This weekend I'm getting tomatoes, 25lbs. Not a small batch, but oh well. Going to do the majority in salsa, a very small amount in Pepper & Onion relish. All will be canned. Long time since I've done that. That ought to be an interesting day.
Today, Caitlin is at Lava Hot Springs swimming with the cousins. She loves when she gets to go with my brothers family. She gets the fun and chaos of a large family. She should be dog tired tonight. Glad she gets to spend the time with them.
We really have not done much fun stuff this summer. Sometimes that is just the way it goes. We finished 4-H horse, not on a great note. She showed in halter with her horse, then was practicing on the track and her horse freaked and ran off with her on, she held on, but it scared the daylights out of her and not in any mood to do anymore. Chris said no that was it. Not worth an accident. She did get a blue ribbon on her Idaho History project, her rag rug. So it goes now to the state fair, which she is really excited about. I also got a couple of ribbons for my pictures, one blue and one white. Kind of fun to do. My nephew Quinn got two blue ribbons for his art. Pretty cool.
Have not finished any projects in the house, which frustrates me greatly. My motivation never seems to make in the door when I get home after work. Need to work on that. Have been playing with my Cricut machine. Fun stuff. I see lots of vinyl words on my walls in the future.
School registration is the 18th of this month. Caitlin is not at all excited. I hope its a good year for her, last year was a struggle, with transferring not quite mid-year.
Well that is the everyday and yes it is our everyday. Its a good everyday, and I am content with that.