Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well we are moved in, still have stuff in the storage unit to get this month.
Have adjusted to the new space quite easily. Enjoy the extra space and room. We have had the kitchen counters measured and the new ones will be put in the middle of December. After Christmas we will redo the cabinets! Right now the priority is getting the fencing done so we can get the critters into place! We got the tree put up, and we will decorate this week.
Getting Caitlin transferred to the new school. Getting all the address changes in place. Fun stuff like that.
Don't think we will get the house fully decorated for Christmas, but we will get alot done.! Couple neighbors stopped by, both couples from the Teton Valley area. One was Chris's sisters buddy in school. Interesting. The other she was my drill team adviser in High School.
The house is a good fit for us!