Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid house

Thats the way I feel. Stupid house, tired of it. Have not got much done, too many things happening on the weekends. Birthday party to plan, invitations to make. Yes when you have only one child, you spoil, try and deny it. Yes I make the invitations, I enjoy it.
Family in town, have to go visit and play. Worth every moment!
Other obligations, named cows, fence to repair, need more pasture, so much moisture the pasture is just a mudbog. Need to get them moved in the next few days.
Middle of June and have not had a dry day yet.
So today I have a list, small and manageable, of things I want done in the house.
First the last of the clothes needs to be sorted, winter things put away, and some of the summer stuff packed away also, so the closets are not loaded.
Kitchen painted due to the remodel.
Linen closet cleaned out. That one is scary.
Nothing too much.
We had Cait's party yesterday. Local game place, lots of fun, the kids had fun, but I am glad it is over. Alway worry that someone will not have a good time, but I think we did okay.
Cait has a party to go to for one of her friends tonight. Chris I think is going to go fix fence, so I have the evening alone to work on projects. Should be nice.
Wish everything was done and I could just sit back and watch a movie. Oh well another time.
The focus is the house. Keep telling myself that.