Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A bit of spring

Okay I got a bit of spring today, but not because of the weather, although it is nice outside, but I think we are back to rain/snow mix Friday.
My bit of spring came in the form of starting seeds. I love flowers, and gardens, and since I get to start fresh at the new place, I thought I would start my seeds indoors for a good start. Not that this is a new thing, by any means, it just gets me excited for the possibilities out there. The vegetables I started are Tomatoes of course, eggplant, pumpkin, watermelon, and sweet peppers. Most of the flowers can be direct sowed, so only a few I started indoors, like; Nasturtiums, Delphiniums and Hollyhocks. Today I'm just soaking the seeds to jumpstart their germination. Tomorrow or the next day I will plant them in seed starter trays and in a couple of months, when we have the hopefull last frost of spring, they will be planted outside.
Not all my flowers will come from seeds, I will still hit the garden centers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I want spring

First off let me say that I love winter, love snow, lots of it. However once March hits I want it gone. I start thinking gardens and flower beds. So of cours since it is March, I'm ready. We have had some days, that toy with me, make me think okay its getting closer, then it usually snows the next day, just to remind me, that I am not in control.
The house we have now, has lots of beds, but since we bought it in late November, I do not know if there are many flowers. We did see the house in late summer just briefly, but there was only one flower in bloom.
I think the beds have good bones, so I get to add the color, which works well. We have so much pruning to do, not looking forward to that. I mean LOTS. All the beds have curbing so its even better. There is no garden though, so plotting where that will be, I'm thinking several raised beds in the back not to far from the patio door. Then off to the side, a bed for corn and such big space needs. I really enjoy laying out the plans for new beds. Now if the snow would just melt!