Thursday, June 17, 2010


Okay, I love shopping. I mean I truly love to shop. Now the only thing I hate about shopping is the inevitable returns. This week I had two returns. Tennis shoes and a baby outfit. Its so annoying to me to have to return something, I mean I do better than that, but alas I did not. The shoes for my daughter fit right now and she has no room. I took them back, they did not have her size, so do I wait or buy an alternate. I went with the alternate. $20 bucks more, 15 minutes in line, and showing I.D., what is up with that. Anyway, then I bought a summer outfit for my niece's daughter. Needed a size up on that which puts into the 24mos, or 2T size. Now when my daughter was that size I never really got the 24mos or 2T size. Did not see much difference. Anyway, got that exchanged also. I really do not enjoy returning things, I mean it could almost turn me off of shopping. No probably not.
Looking forward to dinner tonight, my hubby is making "his" spaghetti, we have a couple of different versions, tonight is his. Love it when he cooks! Really love it when he makes spaghetti. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time goes by

Wow, time has passed since I was here last. I never realized how much time one child in school can take. I do not want to think about more than one, and since I have only one, I do not have to. Idaho History project took up alot of time. Caitlin made a rag rug with the help of Oma. She won "Best Homemade Project" and was very excited about it. She can also enter her project into the county fair, which she is going to do. School is now out and we made it. Now her time is spent playing. I want that life. She is taking Horse 4-H and seems to be enjoying that. One of the neighbor girls is also in it, but she is a year ahead, same age, which is hard for Caitlin, you know only child needs to be able to do everything and at the same level.
All of our cows have calved. Yeah. Seem to be all doing well.
Right now we are working on Caitlin's party this weekend. She turns 10 on the 15th. So we are having a party, and who knows if its going to be rainy or not. So we make double plans. We are having a Luau, on a very small scale. Hawaiian Pizza is as close to Hawaiian food as we are getting. Thinking of also having some carnival games. Working on that today. That would work best for outside, but who knows.
Today is nice weather, no rain, YIPPEE! Looking forward to the weekend.