Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Money Money Money

Okay, I like thousands of others out there am hooked on TLC's Extreme Couponing, I mean come on, we all want to save money.
I remember years ago, reading about people that did this and thought, its not possible for me. For awhile my grocery store (WINCO) did not accept online coupons, so I never used them. A few years ago that changed, so I would sort thru the online coupons for stuff that I bought on a typical basis and printed those. Once and a while I would use a coupon from a magazine or such. I did not subscribe to the paper, still don't.
However, after watching this EC, I gotta admit looks intriguing. Now, I do not want to be an exteme couponer. I do no want 50 bottles of mustard on the shelf or 93 bags of croutons, or even 150 nighttime sleepaids. However, if I can save 30% I would be thrilled. Not that we have an outrageous grocery budget anyway, but if I can save some money, sure. Well I starting blog stalking, and then signing up on coupon websites, etc. A couple fav's; The Krazy Coupon Lady, she is the one who dumpster dived with her son and pregnant friend, while looking quite stylish!!
I also like Jessica Hacker, Fabulously Frugal, she was another TLC EC, from Idaho. We Use Coupons, Mr. Coupon has some videos on there, that are pretty informative. Finally A Thrifty Mom. Most of these sights do the legwork for you, other than the prices are not always the same, especially Target. However, they let you know what coupons from the papers and online sources are and the deals to be had. Now, this means alot of coupons, which starts to get a bit overwhelming, then while reading KCL's book, "Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey" (love the title!) she mentions, still throwing away about 50% of them or sending them in for the troops, cuz they can use expired coupons, cool. Anyway, that made me feel a bit better.
I will admit to frustration and yes this does take time, lots of it. But you will not find me at the store at midnight to get a deal. I'm just not the type, although I will get up at 4 am to go shopping on Black Friday. Priorities people!
I will also admit to having scored a few deals, bodywash for 4cents a bottle, free bodywash, and free deodorant. Very cheap razors, shaving cream and exrta blades. Again, I will also admit to frustration, anger and alot of what the $*%&(#* am I doing! However, I think with time this may abate. Although, the checkers are making comments about how the number of couponers has increased dramatically because of TLC's Extreme Couponing. Some stores are evening limiting items or rewards and the like. Walgreens seems to be the spot for alot of the frustration. Why, the really do get some amazing deals, plus the register rewards are good.
So after a month of this, my opinion? Coupons can save you money, but they also can change your eating habits, come on, how many of these people bought those oriental noodles? Have you looked at the ingredients and the nutrition facts, check those out. Really, besides Halloween how many candy bars do you need at one time? Dog treats, when you do not own a dog????
Buying diapers in advance, so someday when you have a kid, you will be prepared?
I am watching the grocery flyers more, to see who has the deals. Fred's this week has Tillamook 2lb bricks of cheese for $3.99 a pound, with a coupon for a dollar off $2.99 a pound. Even at my ever faithful cheap WINCO, they do not have that price. I have a pantry and have a decent supply of staples, there is room for improvement. So I am working on that, and boy would I love some cheap toilet paper!