Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving forward...literally

Okay, we got the appraisal on our home and it came in above the contract price. YEAH.
We had the inspection on the new house, nothing major, lots of minor. Delayed maintenance. Polite for neglect. Some expense to do it all, but okay.
We close on our little house a week from today and then we get to rent the house for a week or two. We have been cleaning out our garage better known as storage. We have almost filled up the storage unit, and have a big pile that goes to garbage, we took a load of stuff to the Deseret Industries. This week we are packing up more of the house stuff, the stuff we can get by without for a few weeks.
It's funny that when Chris and I are talking and he says this house, he means the new house, he has already mentally moved in. When I say this house, I mean the one we are living in. I have somewhat mentally moved in, but I moved in mentally to a couple of others and had to move out, so I'm trying to contain. Although, I am working on paint colors, what goes where, that kind of stuff.
So much to do, finding new internet provider, cable doesn't go over there, so looking at dish service, that kind of stuff. Trying to figure it all out.
Very tired.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The continuing saga of buying and selling a house

Okay where are we?
Me, I'm in Idaho, I do know that for sure.
On our current house, we had the inspection done, no problems. That is great.
The appraisal on our current house is being done today. If the value they give is lower than the sale price, we have a problem. That could derail the entire thing. Which if it comes down to that, I'm okay. Disappointed but okay.
On the house we want, we are waiting on the signed contract from Fannie Mae, once we have that it goes to our lender and they get going on the loan.
Tomorrow we have the inspection on the new house. This will tell us all the minor problems we know about already and any major issues that might derail the deal. Again, disappointed, but okay.
I'm tired of being stressed 24/7 over this. Its not doing me any good, and I've had enough!! One way or the other I want it done soon. Hopefully all works out and we are in a new house before Thanksgiving.
Lots of back and forth, this is where the Realtor makes their commision. Keeping everything on track.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ping Pong

Do you remember the Atari game of pong........................
That square went back and forth so ssssslllllooooowwwww.
You would hit it and then you watched it go across the screen really slow, then your opponent would hit it back, and we thought this was fun.
Well we are playing a game of pong in the making an offer on the foreclosure house. We made an offer and then a day later we hear from the bank. Then we review the offer and counter. Then we wait again.......this time they responded 10 to 5 on Friday evening. So nothing until next week. So we went back and forth between us, and trying to decide what price. We finally decided on a price a bit higher than we wanted but we want this done. Hopefully this last counter offer will be accepted. The house has been showing alot so I do not want to get involved in a bidding war. However tomorrow, Monday is a Holiday, so I really do not think we will hear from them until Tuesday. I'm going crazy wondering and waiting. We really are hoping this last offer is the one. No matter what we still have to get packed and ready to move out. That part is sad. This house has been so good to us. I love it and really will be sad to leave. Next phase, but still sad to say goodbye.
Hopefully my next post will be great news. I don't want to move on to the next plan, but whatever happens, happens. I am much better at accepting what is to be, than Chris, he wants it the way he wants it and does not bend easily.
So anyway the game of pong continues.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well we have a contract on our house, with a closing date of the 30th of October, which means I will probably be homeless on Halloween.
We have a couple options, I think we will make an offer on a house tomorrow. Not our first choice since that one has already sold. But a good choice. Its a foreclosure, so who knows if its a lemon or not. The inspection should tell us some.
We have an inspection on ours within the next 10 days, hope that goes good.
So we will need to rent for a month or so until we can get in a house. What fun.
Not alot of places that accept, horses, dogs, and cats, hopefully the cows are still up to the farm then, all depends on the weather.
I'm stressed. Like beyond padded walls. Way past chocolate and coca cola making me feel better, not that I'm going to stop that, but its just not quite doing it.
Chris is so easy going, one of the many things I love about him, but it is just not fair. I'm ready to pull my hair out and he is like, no big deal.
It's just another part of life. The constant roller coaster ride that we all know.
We are just at the steep drop............................................