Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The continuing saga of buying and selling a house

Okay where are we?
Me, I'm in Idaho, I do know that for sure.
On our current house, we had the inspection done, no problems. That is great.
The appraisal on our current house is being done today. If the value they give is lower than the sale price, we have a problem. That could derail the entire thing. Which if it comes down to that, I'm okay. Disappointed but okay.
On the house we want, we are waiting on the signed contract from Fannie Mae, once we have that it goes to our lender and they get going on the loan.
Tomorrow we have the inspection on the new house. This will tell us all the minor problems we know about already and any major issues that might derail the deal. Again, disappointed, but okay.
I'm tired of being stressed 24/7 over this. Its not doing me any good, and I've had enough!! One way or the other I want it done soon. Hopefully all works out and we are in a new house before Thanksgiving.
Lots of back and forth, this is where the Realtor makes their commision. Keeping everything on track.

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