Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving forward...literally

Okay, we got the appraisal on our home and it came in above the contract price. YEAH.
We had the inspection on the new house, nothing major, lots of minor. Delayed maintenance. Polite for neglect. Some expense to do it all, but okay.
We close on our little house a week from today and then we get to rent the house for a week or two. We have been cleaning out our garage better known as storage. We have almost filled up the storage unit, and have a big pile that goes to garbage, we took a load of stuff to the Deseret Industries. This week we are packing up more of the house stuff, the stuff we can get by without for a few weeks.
It's funny that when Chris and I are talking and he says this house, he means the new house, he has already mentally moved in. When I say this house, I mean the one we are living in. I have somewhat mentally moved in, but I moved in mentally to a couple of others and had to move out, so I'm trying to contain. Although, I am working on paint colors, what goes where, that kind of stuff.
So much to do, finding new internet provider, cable doesn't go over there, so looking at dish service, that kind of stuff. Trying to figure it all out.
Very tired.

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