Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One down, One to go

Okay, we closed on our existing house. It is no longer ours, we are renters in it.
We are supposed to close on our new home on the 12th of November, my Mom's birthday.
Before that can happen we have to have a roof inspection by a certified roofer. Well in little ole Idaho we just started having Contractors licensed a few years back. We have not even moved on to specialties yet. So a contractors license will have to do.
That is supposed to be done today or tomorrow. We also have to go over to the house tonight and do some mold removal. The joy of buying a foreclosure, the bank does NOTHING. Then after we do this we will have an inspector come in and verify if its been done correctly. More fun. Just open up the checkbook and the money flows like water.
Then there is the daily event of sending more documents to our lender for our loan. I swear every day they come up with something else. Thank heavens for the electronic age and the internet. Easy to access just about everything and then e-mail it. If we had to do it in paper copies, a few trees would have died.
So much fun. Although I do believe we are getting closer to actually accomplishing this. I really hope so.
Just another day in the life and what a life!

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