Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Retail Therapy, an emotional experience

Okay this Thursday, I leave for Utah for a weekend with two amazing women. We attend craft fairs, shop at stores like World Market, Taipan Trading, rarely do we step foot into a clothing store. Coldwater Creek in Jackson, Wyo, being the exception. Although this weekend we are going to a pajama outlet. Sounds very fun. This years weekend is at Wendy's house and Wendy is single, so for Carrie and I this is pure heaven. No children needing/wanting/demanding/acting out to get attention and no hubby feeling neglected and wanting to run away from the antics when good friends get together. We are also making chocolates this weekend, YUM YUM YUM. We will stay up late talking/laughing for hours on end. During the day its nothing but shopping!
After the weekend, I come home exhausted but rejuvinated by my weekend with friends!
Better than a spa any day!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Friday

Okay since I'm looking at a couple of inches of snow outside and it has not stopped, I'm most definitely getting in the Christmas mood. I mean I listened to Christmas music this morning, Straight No Chaser, love those guys! Also this weekend I was doing a little online shopping/price checking on some things and checking out gottadeal to see who's ads they had up for Black Friday. I noticed that some stores are doing online deals earlier. This has started to be a trend in the last few years online and in store, get you in sooner and spend more money. Does not necessarily mean the earlier sales are the better deal, although last year I did buy some things at Shopko a few weeks before Black Friday, that where on sale for BF, but the sale earlier was better. You never know. Most stores will let you take the items back or show the receipt the morning of BF and get the difference back in credit.
Years ago, I used to sign up for a ladies black friday email, who lived in Utah who literally spent Thanksgiving day going over the ads and comparing to her price book, created by her. She then would let you know what things where really good deals, what was a steal and what was not to be in a rush for. She no longer does this. Now I know the prices on the big ticket items I'm after for Christmas, so when I do go over the ads, I know if they are a steal, deal or no big deal. Now, there are always things being on sale that I was not thinking of, which gottadeal usually has some reference to if its a good price or not. Honestly it pays to know your prices, or otherwise it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday. From what I have been reading, from news, articles, columns, blogs etc. Very few deals going on now are the best deals, which is fine, I hate to think I might have spent more than I needed to, which I can honestly say, is very very rare for me. I love to shop, but I love a great deal and I love to not overspend! Anyway, just some thoughts on Black Friday. Now back to some Christmas tunes, and wondering if its going to stop snowing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Evening

Sunday evening is not my favorite. It reminds me that my weekend is over and in the morning it is back to work. We had some really great weather for November in Idaho. Upper sixties on Saturday, and low sixties today. NICE. It also comes to an end tonight, next week I think the high is mid forties.
We thought we would get an estimate to have someone come install the outdoor lights on the house, since we have a pretty steep pitch. Besides the house is two stories. Anyway so far we have only got one estimate and can I just say, HOLY COW that is a lot of money. So not happening. File that under "good to know" nothing will be done, but good to know. I did not get any fall bulbs planted, which means next week I get to do the planting in cold weather. My fault.
Thanksgiving is coming up pretty quick, which means Black Friday! Looking forward to that. Only a week and a half until the girls shopping weekend. YES!
Still so much to get done before winter hits, have not had much time for projects. Will need to try and fit one in here. I have a couple of old doors that I have plans for. Fun.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's in the air

I can feel it, and not just because its only 34 degrees outside with 20mph winds. Winter is coming, which means CHRISTMAS! Yeah, I'm like a 5yr old when it comes to Christmas, the excitment, can't sleep at night, is it here, is it here kind of excitment and not for presents, okay yes I like presents, but really what gets to me is the feeling. I've peeked at a few catalogs, okay fine, they are dogeared and marked, and I've checked online to see if it really speaks to me. Christmas is my holiday and not just evidenced by the numerous totes that could fill a storage unit but instead take up just about one side of the garage, but by my obsession with all things Christmas. I love to shop, I love to decorate, I love to bake, I love to eat, I love to just sit late in the evening staring at my Christmas tree in all its glory with some Christmas music in the background, like maybe Donny Osmond singing Mary Did you Know? Or Straight, No Chaser singing just about anything, or Amy Grant, or okay the list is long, the cd's are numerous, but the music is important, the peace and contenment that I find at the time is worth more than any gift. That's what I love about Christmas. Now it's only 60 days away, which is hardly anytime at all, but I will not decorate before Thanksgiving, except to get the light up outside. I'm strict with the no decorating, each Holiday deserves its own time. I do not listen to music yet, although when I'm driving to Utah to my girlfriends for the annual shopping weekend, I do listen to it then, this is usually the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I give in then. After Thanksgiving, its like Santa's workshop comes alive.
Truly I blame the weather for getting me going.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catch Up

WOW! It's been awhile. Lots of "Life" has been happening. First the freezing and canning continued. Did get peach and raspberry freezer jam made. Even made a small batch of raspberry/huckleberry jam. Huckleberries were like gold this year. The peach jam was made late at night with the help of this little German lady known as my mother. Thanks MOM!!
I made another small batch of salsa, this time just a bit hotter. I also made 2 1/2 pints of pepper and onion relish, like H & D's. Not bad, just a bit spicier than the original and not as spicy as the hot & spicy. Happy medium. I have to admit its been kind of fun. Also during the peach freezer jam, my Mom made a batch of her spaghetti sauce for the freezer. That is my husband's favorite gift for Christmas from my Mom.
More updates, State Fair, 4-H, no placement ribbon for Caitlin, she was disappointed but she and the hubs won goldfish at one of the games at the fair, and 4-H was forgotten.
School has started and we have parent-teacher conference tomorrow night. Her weekly updates look good, and the grades are pretty good, except for Language arts, that one is a B-. We have some work ahead.
My husbands stepfather went into the hospital (ICU actually) for an aorta aneurysm. It had not ruptured, thank heavens. However, they are getting a second opinion from a specialist in Utah. Basically should he have surgery to put a mesh casing along the vein to keep it from bursting. The surgery is extremely high risk. Not doing anything but treating with medicine could mean he could be going along and it bursts and the likelihood of survival is very slim. Not encouraging. Lots of prayers.
With that, are fall plans will be adjusted. My hubby will be stopping at his Mom's to feed their cows and the rest of the critters, then come home to do ours. Then during calving season, ugh, that will make for some very long days and nights, but we do what needs to be done. I worry for the hubs, hoping he will be healed completely from the horse episode to handle all of that. Too many unknowns right now.
This is part of life, trials and struggles come and we deal. Just as the joys that come our way, its a package deal, the good with the bad.
I stand behind my thinking of boring is good!
Now for what is on my plate next. Lots of projects, furniture, small projects, fabric. The list is endless but I'm very excited.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Busy August and its barely half over. But being barely half over means school starts for Caitlin the 1st of September. Yesterday I got her registered for 5th grade. This will be her first full year at Southfork, hope its better than last year. Moving into a new school mid-year was really hard for her. Let's hope this year is good. I was disappointed with the registration, it was very chaotic. JE did such a better job, I'm sure this year was no different. Anyway its done, and she is ready for the first day, kinda. We have to put in for a deviation on transportation, since we are both at work, she will go to Grandma & Granpa Henman's after school. For the most part that works well. She needs to try harder to get her homework done, instead of go watch t.v. I think we are done with the school shopping other than a couple pairs of shoes. She thinks she can wear my shoes, "they fit" just because there is another inch or two of space does not mean anything. Sorry, but I do not share shoes. I'm funny that way.
Last weekend I made and bottled 24 pints of salsa, whew that was one long day. But I'm glad to have it done. I have not "canned" anything for years. I mostly freeze, but this was good. I think I will freeze some corn this weekend, we love corn, and I am not a big fan of canned corn. I don't think too many packages, mostly still on the cob, a few packages of cut corn also. Looking forward to getting some peaches and raspberries, so I can make some more freezer jam.
Tuesday I had to go into my dentist, back molar causing me pain. They had done some temp work on it, with thoughts of root cannel next. However the tooth was in bad shape when they did the temp work, it was even worse when I went it. It's just slowly deteriorated, so since its in the back and the root canal would help but just for awhile til the tooth completely came out, I went for the yank it out now. Which they did. So now I'm hurting. Yesterday was a liquid diet, gag protein shakes. Today is a soft foods diet, pretty close on the gag, with lots of Motrin for the pain. If I could have I would have stayed home yesterday and today. This is just miserable, but short handed in the office, so I work. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
We need to get our camper ready for labor day weekend, that's a chore. Not a trip, just taking it up to the farm for the labor day weekend campout with Chris's family. No biggie, but do need to have the camper ready. Perhaps this weekend along with everything else that keeps getting put off. YUCK. Need more hours, days, weekends.
Oh well, its life and I love mine.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just the Everyday

We got all the school supply shopping done. We had to run into Wal-Mart one Saturday and I had the list, so we started and finished and came in under budget. I mean we only have one child so it really is not a huge thing for school supplies. We also pick up extras, the price is always the best, then the extras get stored in a school tote for use as needed. Works well for us. Caitlin has been going thru her closet very slowly. What still fits, what is worn out, and what she does not wear, never liked gets put in a pile. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't sell them on e-bay. Is the pay-off worth the effort as opposed to just giving to someone you know needs the clothes. Still thinking on it right now. Have done some online shopping for school clothes, love online shopping, always find a coupon, so those packages should start showing up. I am much more restrained this year than in the past. Probably tired of all the stuff that gets put in the give-away pile.
I have been purchasing produce thru Bountiful Baskets for quite a few months, one of the many benefits that I am realizing is even if I know we are not going to get something eaten right away, I can do something with it. I have made numerous batches of freezer jam, but small quantities, like just a few pints. Do you know how nice that is, to just do a small batch, instead of flats of fruit. This weekend I'm getting tomatoes, 25lbs. Not a small batch, but oh well. Going to do the majority in salsa, a very small amount in Pepper & Onion relish. All will be canned. Long time since I've done that. That ought to be an interesting day.
Today, Caitlin is at Lava Hot Springs swimming with the cousins. She loves when she gets to go with my brothers family. She gets the fun and chaos of a large family. She should be dog tired tonight. Glad she gets to spend the time with them.
We really have not done much fun stuff this summer. Sometimes that is just the way it goes. We finished 4-H horse, not on a great note. She showed in halter with her horse, then was practicing on the track and her horse freaked and ran off with her on, she held on, but it scared the daylights out of her and not in any mood to do anymore. Chris said no that was it. Not worth an accident. She did get a blue ribbon on her Idaho History project, her rag rug. So it goes now to the state fair, which she is really excited about. I also got a couple of ribbons for my pictures, one blue and one white. Kind of fun to do. My nephew Quinn got two blue ribbons for his art. Pretty cool.
Have not finished any projects in the house, which frustrates me greatly. My motivation never seems to make in the door when I get home after work. Need to work on that. Have been playing with my Cricut machine. Fun stuff. I see lots of vinyl words on my walls in the future.
School registration is the 18th of this month. Caitlin is not at all excited. I hope its a good year for her, last year was a struggle, with transferring not quite mid-year.
Well that is the everyday and yes it is our everyday. Its a good everyday, and I am content with that.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Wow July is almost over. Sometimes I wonder what happens, cuz I really don't remember much.
A good part of July was taken over by Chris's horse and rider going their seperate ways adventure. Couple days in the hospital, and then being home. Chris is the world's worst patient, always has been. I learned this early on in our marriage, we had been married 6 months and he had to have his appendix out, so a week long stay. It was awful, he hates hospital food, I can agree on that, but if that is all then go hungry or get over it. Or in Chris's case order Domino's Pizza and the Doc decides you are healthy enough and go home. Anyway, this time, because of the injury he couldn't get around well, still looks like an 80 year old walking. 4-6 weeks for the injury to heal. He went back to work after a week and a half. Has physical therapy 3 times a week. Fun stuff. Caitlin is a couple weeks away from the fair, she is entering her Idaho History project from school which was a rag rug that she made with the help of my Mom. She won Best Project at school! She also is in Horse 4-h so has her horse to enter.
School supply lists are out, although school does not begin until Sept. 1st. I love school shopping. Its so much fun. Since we only have one child its not to hard financially to cover. Now as Caitlin has gotten older, she is sharing her opinion on clothes, and Target is no longer good enough. Now it's the mall and those stores. Now Old Navy is fine, but Aeropostle gets pricey. So that is limited, plus as expected her opinion differs from mine. So I don't quite enjoy the clothes shopping as much. Also we have not been as successful in teaching her the value of a dollar, so price does not quite register. I think this year we will do a budget for her, and that is the amount that is spent and see how she does. Maybe that way she will see how her dollar goes further in different stores. I remember my parents doing the same thing when I got around her age, I think one year I got two pants and 3 shirts, cuz of what I wanted, the rest was make due. We shall see. Somedays I really think uniforms would be a good thing.
Well on to August, lets see how that goes!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Okay, I love shopping. I mean I truly love to shop. Now the only thing I hate about shopping is the inevitable returns. This week I had two returns. Tennis shoes and a baby outfit. Its so annoying to me to have to return something, I mean I do better than that, but alas I did not. The shoes for my daughter fit right now and she has no room. I took them back, they did not have her size, so do I wait or buy an alternate. I went with the alternate. $20 bucks more, 15 minutes in line, and showing I.D., what is up with that. Anyway, then I bought a summer outfit for my niece's daughter. Needed a size up on that which puts into the 24mos, or 2T size. Now when my daughter was that size I never really got the 24mos or 2T size. Did not see much difference. Anyway, got that exchanged also. I really do not enjoy returning things, I mean it could almost turn me off of shopping. No probably not.
Looking forward to dinner tonight, my hubby is making "his" spaghetti, we have a couple of different versions, tonight is his. Love it when he cooks! Really love it when he makes spaghetti. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time goes by

Wow, time has passed since I was here last. I never realized how much time one child in school can take. I do not want to think about more than one, and since I have only one, I do not have to. Idaho History project took up alot of time. Caitlin made a rag rug with the help of Oma. She won "Best Homemade Project" and was very excited about it. She can also enter her project into the county fair, which she is going to do. School is now out and we made it. Now her time is spent playing. I want that life. She is taking Horse 4-H and seems to be enjoying that. One of the neighbor girls is also in it, but she is a year ahead, same age, which is hard for Caitlin, you know only child needs to be able to do everything and at the same level.
All of our cows have calved. Yeah. Seem to be all doing well.
Right now we are working on Caitlin's party this weekend. She turns 10 on the 15th. So we are having a party, and who knows if its going to be rainy or not. So we make double plans. We are having a Luau, on a very small scale. Hawaiian Pizza is as close to Hawaiian food as we are getting. Thinking of also having some carnival games. Working on that today. That would work best for outside, but who knows.
Today is nice weather, no rain, YIPPEE! Looking forward to the weekend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring is Over

Woke up this morning to over 7 inches of very heavy wet snow, and the wind blowing. It's April 6th and the conditions where so bad they called off school for the county. It took me 45 minutes to get to work for a drive that is normally 20 minutes. Fun stuff, I want a snow day!
What fun the weather in Idaho is.
Its depressing actually, I think I need a vacation. I think I might work on that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A bit of spring

Okay I got a bit of spring today, but not because of the weather, although it is nice outside, but I think we are back to rain/snow mix Friday.
My bit of spring came in the form of starting seeds. I love flowers, and gardens, and since I get to start fresh at the new place, I thought I would start my seeds indoors for a good start. Not that this is a new thing, by any means, it just gets me excited for the possibilities out there. The vegetables I started are Tomatoes of course, eggplant, pumpkin, watermelon, and sweet peppers. Most of the flowers can be direct sowed, so only a few I started indoors, like; Nasturtiums, Delphiniums and Hollyhocks. Today I'm just soaking the seeds to jumpstart their germination. Tomorrow or the next day I will plant them in seed starter trays and in a couple of months, when we have the hopefull last frost of spring, they will be planted outside.
Not all my flowers will come from seeds, I will still hit the garden centers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I want spring

First off let me say that I love winter, love snow, lots of it. However once March hits I want it gone. I start thinking gardens and flower beds. So of cours since it is March, I'm ready. We have had some days, that toy with me, make me think okay its getting closer, then it usually snows the next day, just to remind me, that I am not in control.
The house we have now, has lots of beds, but since we bought it in late November, I do not know if there are many flowers. We did see the house in late summer just briefly, but there was only one flower in bloom.
I think the beds have good bones, so I get to add the color, which works well. We have so much pruning to do, not looking forward to that. I mean LOTS. All the beds have curbing so its even better. There is no garden though, so plotting where that will be, I'm thinking several raised beds in the back not to far from the patio door. Then off to the side, a bed for corn and such big space needs. I really enjoy laying out the plans for new beds. Now if the snow would just melt!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surviving my child's hospital stay

Always in the back of my head there has been that little thought/panic of what will happen the first time Cait stays overnight in the hospital. What will I do. Well, we found out this week. Last Thursday night, Caitlin had a fever, that Tylenol did not help, but by morning all gone. Friday and Saturday she was fine. Sunday she woke up with a stomach ache. She ate a little breakfast, not much then said she was so full her stomach hurt. So we figured here we go, stomach flu coming on. So she worshipped the porcelain god numerous times, and the usual 7-UP, Gingerale, Coke or Peppermint Tea did not help at all. Lots of pain, tired, slight fever. So we did a little research online, and came up with appendicitis, but she had so few of the symptons that we thought, maybe not, let's wait. So Monday morning we woke up and decided to keep Caitlin home. She said the pain was less, but still curled up on the coach. She also said the pain in her stomach was now lower. We decided, that's enough off to Community Care. The Doc took blood, which considering she had not eaten for 24hrs and drank very little was not a fun thing. The took a urine sample, her temp was normal. He said, I think she might have appendicitis, but she is having less pain, which is the opposite, and was hungry. But he thought we should take her up to the hospital for a CT scan to be sure. So we decided Rexburg would be the quicker ER to get into for the scan. They had to put an IV in, which was awful, they had her arms wrapped in warm blankets to increase blood flow. Finally they got it in after one failed attempt. So hard to watch your little girl cry and you cannot make it better.
They put the stuff into the IV and then we had to wait for two hours before they could take the scan, and she could not eat or drink anything. Miserable time. Chris gave Cait a blessing with my nephew Riley. Finally we had the scan done and the Doc saw the results right away and yep her appendix was big fat and juicy, ready to burst, if it had not already and it needed to come out right away. So shortly after they where rolling her into surgery. I have a very brave little girl! One of the worst parts was the nurse going over the living will crap, that had me in panic mode. I could not think of that. I thought I would loose it, but cannot do that in front of your child. So we waited in the waiting room by the day surgery suites for her to come out. It took the doc 15 minutes to complete the surgery, regular surgery, not scope, that would have taken longer. Anyway the appendix had not burst thank goodness, but needed to come out. Then they came and got us cuz she was having a hard time in the recovery. She had no clue what was going on, still foggy and crying her eyes out, hyperventilating. That about killed me, trying to calm her, and she still fuzzy and not knowing what was happening. Finally after 20 minutes we got her calmed and could go back to the room. She slept a little. Chris's mom came to see her. Brought her flowers and a teddy bear. So she stayed for a while and visited, my folks would come the next day and my mom has been staying with us since she is out the whole week. She finally could have a liguid diet. Which she said was great, thought the beef broth was so good, tells you how hungry she was.
Chris left to go home at ten and I stayed. Not much sleep, when they check every 1 and a half. But she was doing so much better. What a tired little girl. We finally got to bring her home late Tuesday afternoon. She had been doing so good. Still in some pain, but no fever, no sickness. Me, I'm so tired, and hope that I do not go thru that again anytime soon, so much stress and worry. So hard to see her in the hospital bed, but she is so brave and did so good. She has been working on her schoolwork so she is not behind. I think she is starting to get a little stir crazy from being inside. This is good, it means she is doing very well. I'm very glad it is over and all is well. Hate sleeping in hospital rooms. Hate the food, but the nurses get an A+, so awesome! Kept Caitlin in videos, and DVD's, jello, milkshakes!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

Well purchased my first basket from
Bountifulbaskets.org, a food coop in AZ, UT, ID, and Washington State.
It's primarily produce, but a great deal.
You go to there website and sign in and make a donation ($15 for the bountiful basket) and choose the pick up location you want. This is all done during the time period stated on the website. For Idaho it's Monday at noon I think and goes for about 36hrs, although very few locations last that long. Since each location has a certain number of baskets.
I picked up my basket on Saturday at the location specified. Interesting process; you get in line, they take your name, point you in the direction for your purchases and you go fill your basket, bags, or boxes (I use the reusable grocery bags since those are always in my car) most used a laundry basket. For the fifteen plus 1.50 handling charge that pays to keep the website running and ccard charge fees, my basket included the following;
1 pineapple
1 honeydew melon
3 pomelo (large grapefruit, sweeter though)
box of strawberries
8 ears of corn
7 bananas
3 baby cucumbers
6 small yams
8 apples
2 squash
3 tomatoes
1 bag of spinach
A great deal! Now for me and my family we would not need to do this every week, but every other week, probably. They also offer an ethnic food pack with varies every week, I bought that also for $7, it included;
2 onions
1 elephant garlic
2 baskets of mushrooms
1 bundle of parsley
bunches of basil, rosemary, etc.
I think this week it was oriental.
They also offer a 20lb fruit box that changes, right now its citrus. Then they offer some bread to.
Check it out www.bountifulbaskets.org !! But remember they do sell out. Give it a try once. The value is really good.
PLUS if there is not an area right near you, get enough people interested and they will try and add a location.
Now you will not know what each week brings, it changes, but it is fun to see what you are going to get. I noticed quite a few people that I had seen at the pickup at the grocery store later. Smart, you find out what you have then go grocery shopping to make it work for you or look up some recipes first then do your shopping.
Now, my typical grocery shopping does not include buying lots of produce, which in it self is not a good thing. For some reason I feel compelled to make sure we use everything up that we got in our basket, although I admit to passing on the yams.
Also I have eaten more fruit this week than typically I do. So thats a good thing, now with this co-op you need to volunteer now and then since thats a co-op, run by volunteers. But it's a little more than an hour on a Saturday every once and a while.
Also, you only have a brief window to pick up, and if you don't pick up its passed on to the local firehouse. No refunds.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Wow, didn't realize it was almost a month ago that I posted...in my head I posted some really grest post, thought provoking, however it appears non of that happened. I'm sure its actually a computer glitch. Like my fingers failed to type on the computer, see a glitch....!
Well today is Monday and I'm working on my menu's for the week. I have menu planned for a long time, but I go thru phases of now and then. Since its a new year I'm trying to do better. Its so much easier cooking dinner when its planned. When I get home its just getting it fixed or Chris fixing it. I have a written list of the most common meals we eat, about 20. Makes it easier to plan. Now there are times when I look at that list and I think yuck. So I go thru cookbooks, these are the reliable cookbooks not the fancy ones, that you know you will never cook from, or search websites, again reliable. Online, I search thru Taste of Home, CD kitchens and foodtv or course, I also use websites from Kraft, Pillsbury etc. Now Taste of Home is so realible, you know they are tried and true. I also have a few of their cookbooks. I have also gone to a couple of their cooking classes which I really like. There is lots of promoting of brands and things, but you get a good bag with lots of samples, a magazine, etc. All the recipes they make are pretty quick. They have their schedules online well worth the cost of admission.
Online I check the reviews written for the recipes and the numbers of reviews.
So on my menu planning I try to add a new recipe every other week, if it's liked then its added to the meal list. I also have been trying to use my crockpot more.
I'm looking at a food coop for fruits and vegetables. I'll let you know how that goes.
The other thing we have been working on is the indoor house projects. Tried some paint samples on the wall, will live with them a week or so and then decide. I know that once the weather gets nice, there are too many outdoor project that need to be tackled. So I need to work on the indoors now.
Oh and Way To Go Saints!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Friends

I have two best friends that are the greatest. They came up Sunday from Utah for lunch and a visit and to see the new house. See every November we get together and have a girls weekend. Craft fairs, shopping etc. We stay up late and visit, catching up with eachother. We rotate locations/homes each year. Now this has been going on for well over 20 years. This last November I missed it, because we where moving into the new house. I was very disappointed to say the least, even with buying a new home. Anyway they wanted to see the house and bring the Christmas gifts and get a visit in. So I made tortilla soup which is the standard dinner for one of the nights when we get together.
So after the grand tour of the house we sat down for lunch and visited and visited. I cannot tell you how great it is to have friends like this. They are the greatest. I wish it would have been a visit for the whole weekend, but its a nice substitute for missing the whole thing. Its funny to me how well we get along when we are so different from eachother. Its wonderful. I love these women and they truly are my best friends. Looking forward to our next lunch and visit.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Resolutions and snow

Its the middle of January and I have not made ANY resolutions. I've decided to not. To just continue on with short term goals and long term goals. Resolutions just seem so here today and gone tomorrow, kindof like snow. Its beautiful when its happening, then it gets a bit messy when the heat comes on and then its gone.
Anyway, seems like we have been busy, but at what? Work, putting away the Christmas stuff, and getting the last of the storage unit stuff. Need to unpack boxes, now.
Its interesting to me that I want all my pictures, shelves, etc up on walls, but am in no hurry. Partially need to remove the old nails still in the walls from the previous owners, and patch and paint. Luckily the old owners left all the paint behind. Now some rooms need to be repainted. In the past, January has been the month that I want to redecorate, rearrange, but the thought of paint right now, makes me slightly ill and queasy. I want to repaint the half bath. Chris likes it the way it is. But there are holes from the old towel rack and toilet paper holder, I cannot seem to find that paint and glaze. So we will see what happens.
This weekend my girlfriends from Utah are coming up since I missed the annual shopping weekend in November. Anyway they want to see the house. Cannot wait to see them and visit. So looking forward to it. Make a big batch of Tortilla Soup, some crab dip and we are set! I think I will also make a german chocolate roll cake.
Good friends and good food. Great combination!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Decade

I got an e-mail from one of my best friends this morning and she said Happy New Year and Happy New Decade...wow, that got me thinking.
Cait will be 10 this year. We will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. We will both turn 45. Where has the time gone...
Our first five years of marriage where spent in Salt Lake City. Lots of growth in our relationship, even though we where best friends before we even started dating, and became High School sweethearts.
Looking back I can say, we have never truly had any hard times in our relationship. Despite, unemployment, infertility and the rest of life, we have always talked and been there to support. Its not something difficult, its just marriage. It's also the greatest. Add to that adopting Cait and its darn near perfect. We may not be, but it sure feels like our life is.
We are really enjoying our new house. We had family over for Christmas eve, which on my side is the big event, German tradition on my Mom's side since she is German. Anyway we had a great dinner, chaos of present opening and lots of fun. Love it.
Christmas morn, was just Chris, Cait and I. My folks slept in. Lots more fun. In the afternoon we went over to Chris's Mom's and had dinner, did presents. Works out great for us. Lots of time to spend with extended family and just our little fam as well.
New Years was awesome, we just stayed around the house, enjoying the nearly foot of new snow. Sledding and watching movies, football and playing Wii. Lots of new games at Christmas.
Did not want to come back to work.
Looking forward to 2010 and all it has in store.