Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Retail Therapy, an emotional experience

Okay this Thursday, I leave for Utah for a weekend with two amazing women. We attend craft fairs, shop at stores like World Market, Taipan Trading, rarely do we step foot into a clothing store. Coldwater Creek in Jackson, Wyo, being the exception. Although this weekend we are going to a pajama outlet. Sounds very fun. This years weekend is at Wendy's house and Wendy is single, so for Carrie and I this is pure heaven. No children needing/wanting/demanding/acting out to get attention and no hubby feeling neglected and wanting to run away from the antics when good friends get together. We are also making chocolates this weekend, YUM YUM YUM. We will stay up late talking/laughing for hours on end. During the day its nothing but shopping!
After the weekend, I come home exhausted but rejuvinated by my weekend with friends!
Better than a spa any day!

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and i love the black friday comic there to the side :P haha

have fun!!