Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Evening

Sunday evening is not my favorite. It reminds me that my weekend is over and in the morning it is back to work. We had some really great weather for November in Idaho. Upper sixties on Saturday, and low sixties today. NICE. It also comes to an end tonight, next week I think the high is mid forties.
We thought we would get an estimate to have someone come install the outdoor lights on the house, since we have a pretty steep pitch. Besides the house is two stories. Anyway so far we have only got one estimate and can I just say, HOLY COW that is a lot of money. So not happening. File that under "good to know" nothing will be done, but good to know. I did not get any fall bulbs planted, which means next week I get to do the planting in cold weather. My fault.
Thanksgiving is coming up pretty quick, which means Black Friday! Looking forward to that. Only a week and a half until the girls shopping weekend. YES!
Still so much to get done before winter hits, have not had much time for projects. Will need to try and fit one in here. I have a couple of old doors that I have plans for. Fun.

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