Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Friday

Okay since I'm looking at a couple of inches of snow outside and it has not stopped, I'm most definitely getting in the Christmas mood. I mean I listened to Christmas music this morning, Straight No Chaser, love those guys! Also this weekend I was doing a little online shopping/price checking on some things and checking out gottadeal to see who's ads they had up for Black Friday. I noticed that some stores are doing online deals earlier. This has started to be a trend in the last few years online and in store, get you in sooner and spend more money. Does not necessarily mean the earlier sales are the better deal, although last year I did buy some things at Shopko a few weeks before Black Friday, that where on sale for BF, but the sale earlier was better. You never know. Most stores will let you take the items back or show the receipt the morning of BF and get the difference back in credit.
Years ago, I used to sign up for a ladies black friday email, who lived in Utah who literally spent Thanksgiving day going over the ads and comparing to her price book, created by her. She then would let you know what things where really good deals, what was a steal and what was not to be in a rush for. She no longer does this. Now I know the prices on the big ticket items I'm after for Christmas, so when I do go over the ads, I know if they are a steal, deal or no big deal. Now, there are always things being on sale that I was not thinking of, which gottadeal usually has some reference to if its a good price or not. Honestly it pays to know your prices, or otherwise it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday. From what I have been reading, from news, articles, columns, blogs etc. Very few deals going on now are the best deals, which is fine, I hate to think I might have spent more than I needed to, which I can honestly say, is very very rare for me. I love to shop, but I love a great deal and I love to not overspend! Anyway, just some thoughts on Black Friday. Now back to some Christmas tunes, and wondering if its going to stop snowing.

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