Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Here we are the start of a new year. At the beginning of a new year we reflect on the past year and ponder the new year.
Reflections are good, its good to review and recollect. We had a good year. Every year is a good year, to recollect the year as good is my choice. Despite hospital stays for Caitlin; appendicitis, and Chris; horse accident,it was a good year. We are healthy despite the previous mentions. We are enjoying our life. Our life is good. This year Chris and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. Wow, and it has been great. Caitlin will be eleven years old. She is a blessing that we are so very grateful that she is our daughter.
We accomplished a few projects in the house, but time was against us with getting everyone healed up. Anyway, this year my hope is to accomplish a lot more.
I have some furniture that needs to be refurnished, rooms to paint and style. Rooms that need to be organized.
I will start small. I have a small red nightstand that needs to be sanded and painted. I look forward to the new year, the new possibilities. Let's see how the turn out.

Where have I been.......

Here, seriously I have. My intentions where good. Really.
My thought is, I will do that tonight. Then tonight comes and goes and its another tonight.
My shopping weekend was so great. We shopped, we made truffles and toffee. We laughed, we talked and we shopped. It really was great. I have two great women as my best friends! I am very lucky.