Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Wow July is almost over. Sometimes I wonder what happens, cuz I really don't remember much.
A good part of July was taken over by Chris's horse and rider going their seperate ways adventure. Couple days in the hospital, and then being home. Chris is the world's worst patient, always has been. I learned this early on in our marriage, we had been married 6 months and he had to have his appendix out, so a week long stay. It was awful, he hates hospital food, I can agree on that, but if that is all then go hungry or get over it. Or in Chris's case order Domino's Pizza and the Doc decides you are healthy enough and go home. Anyway, this time, because of the injury he couldn't get around well, still looks like an 80 year old walking. 4-6 weeks for the injury to heal. He went back to work after a week and a half. Has physical therapy 3 times a week. Fun stuff. Caitlin is a couple weeks away from the fair, she is entering her Idaho History project from school which was a rag rug that she made with the help of my Mom. She won Best Project at school! She also is in Horse 4-h so has her horse to enter.
School supply lists are out, although school does not begin until Sept. 1st. I love school shopping. Its so much fun. Since we only have one child its not to hard financially to cover. Now as Caitlin has gotten older, she is sharing her opinion on clothes, and Target is no longer good enough. Now it's the mall and those stores. Now Old Navy is fine, but Aeropostle gets pricey. So that is limited, plus as expected her opinion differs from mine. So I don't quite enjoy the clothes shopping as much. Also we have not been as successful in teaching her the value of a dollar, so price does not quite register. I think this year we will do a budget for her, and that is the amount that is spent and see how she does. Maybe that way she will see how her dollar goes further in different stores. I remember my parents doing the same thing when I got around her age, I think one year I got two pants and 3 shirts, cuz of what I wanted, the rest was make due. We shall see. Somedays I really think uniforms would be a good thing.
Well on to August, lets see how that goes!