Friday, August 28, 2009

It's For Sale

FINALLY our house is for sale.
Yippee skippee.
It feels so good to see that sign out front!.
the link................

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Sale.......finally

Well we FINALLY got it on the market. We still have work to do. The major stuff is done but we still have some outdoor stuff to do. Some little touch ups in the house.
Chris and I were sitting in the living room last night looking around and thinking how bare the house seemed. It is so lean in furnishings and pictures and the likes, plus no personal pictures other than some of my landscapes.
On Thursday our Realtor will bring the agents from her office thru to view. Kind of scary actually. I mean people come in and roam thru your house and comment about it.
I love my little house. We have outgrown it, but its been ours!
So now we just live life like a stepford wife. Vacumn b4 walking out the door, everything, placed, picked up, straightened and shined. yuck. Hopefully the outcome will be what we are hoping.

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

Thursday the 21st was the first day of school for Cait. 4th Grade! I cannot believe it. I don't leave for work until after she gets on the bus, I'm late for work, but I work for some great people. So I get to watch her. We took pictures outside, talked and you could see the anxiety. I think she was more nervous this year than any other.
Alot of her friends are not in the same class, so that has stressed her. So she will hopefully make new friends. Its so hard to watch your child struggle with anything, no matter how small it may seem. The constant urge to protect and shelter to not let anything hurt them, but you cannot go to school with them. So when she comes home and tells you that her best friend is mad at her for being friends with someone else (who is in her class) it's frustrating, and girls can really be petty. She seemed okay though. Time will tell. She has a new teacher, I'm old cuz her teacher looks like a high school teachers aide. I believe that new teachers are a good thing. They have lots of ideas and ambition, and love to teach. Now nothing against Teachers who have been doing this a long time, but sometimes, they do the minimum and seem to have given up on all the fun and creative learning ideas, to just make sure the state standards are met. I will not go into the State or Federal standards, because that just fires me up and I start getting angry. Anyway, there are some Teachers who have been doing this a long time and still strive to be creative and fun, which is awesome, but a Teaching certificate is not based on your creativity. New Teachers are like the new car, everything is shiny and smells good and no problems ahead. I like that. They are as excited as the kids, which is awesome. We have a great elementary school, still big, but some great people. The principal is so dedicated to these kids its amazing. The kids adore him, if they see him outside of school they still go running up to him like he is Santa. My frustrations are the size of our school. Its BETTER than it has since the newest new school opened. Down from a student population of 1042 to 637. Thats good, but the class size for the 4th and 5th grades are still on the high side. We are still in the top five for size in our state. Last year we had the number 1 spot, something we are glad to give up.
The first day is fun with all the new stuff, hopefully it will last.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home (or Evil Abode) stretch

The Realtor will be here later in the week for the photos. Still doing stuff, but stuff that will not show up on photos...
I'm tired of painting, organizing, repair, and the likes. School starts tomorrow and all I can think about is I want a vacation. I don't want to think about the house. I just want to buy the one I want and get on with it. Although, if we do buy a house the reality is that it too will need to be painted, at least to colors I can live with, wallpaper taken down, and the worse part....fences to build! YUCK. I still want a vacation.
Cait set up a roadside stand yesterday...........she sold rocks and apples!! She made a dollar. After her first sale, she closed up the stand. Too funny.
We took the camper in for a few little repairs so it will hopefully be ready for the Labor Day camping weekend. First time out with the camper this sad.
Maybe this weekend we will take a little break and go play at Rigby Lake. Although I think Chris wants to go golfing since it is his birthday. Maybe both. Maybe I can sleep thru the golf part.....
and so life continues..............................

Friday, August 14, 2009


Okay, we told the realtor that this evil abode would be done this weekend.
Can we do it? I don't know, I'm tired of staying up late painting, cuz its too hot to paint when I get home, the paint is just sticky. We have replaced the vanity and the floor in the bathroom and re-painted it. So just doing the finishing touches in there. The 3rd bedroom we have painted the walls, just need to do the trim and then set it up. Caitlin's is done other than the window trim needs painted, oh and some kind of window treatment, nothing big, just a little something.
Still need to do some work outside, clean everything up, replace some flowers, add a couple of shrubs.
Then its staging time. So busy weekend ahead.
Not looking forward to it. Just want it over.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

PTO and mice

Okay I turned down the PTO Newsletter Editor. I enjoyed parts of it last school year, but not all of it. Pressure to get after everyone for their columns. Updating ads, not to mention creating some of the ads. Sometimes it was very time consuming and always on a deadline.
With trying to sell the house, I just felt I would not give it 100%, which I would feel bad. I already feel guilty for saying no. Ah the guilt we Moms feel. Chris has no such qualms. I have a buddy who works at her kids school and she loves that. Sometimes I think that would be fun, schedule the same, summers off, but she does it for a little extra money to go towards their remodel not as a second income. (C, I'm talking about you-yes I'm jealous) Cannot believe school starts in two weeks.
Chris is actually the one who is going to get Cait registered today. Chris is very involved which I think is so totally amazing and hot! Should be interesting, not to mention I wonder how many phone calls I will receive. But I could not get it done, with the other commitments of today. So glad that I have a Super Hubby, who will do these things. I'm willing to bet my one brother would not do it, he would expect his wife to take care of those things, my other brother would do it in a heartbeat. Interesting the diff between the two.
Anyway its cool.
Yesterday we had a mouse in the house!!! EEEK. Tried to find our older cat to bring her in, of course she was out prowling. So we brought in KitKat, she is just a couple years old, anyway, she failed the task.
Last night, Miss Kitty (Nephews and niece named her) showed up so we brought her in. She disappeared in our bedroom for hours, so hopefully its gone. However large quatities of De-Con have been put out in containers that mice can get to, but not cats. Yuck, I hate mice. The joys of living in the country. Hate mouse traps, I just throw the entire thing away, I'm not taking the mouse out and using it again. GROSS.
Did school clothes shopping online. Not that much, she has plenty of clothes, PLENTY! I admit to that. Online is so nice. I search for coupons or offers for the sites I want and just about everytime I can find something, free shipping, 25% off, $30 dollars off, plus I get mailers alot to. Makes it such a great deal. Not to mention, I'm done in minutes. I hate the mall, besides a couple of my fav stores are not here, so I would have to go to SLC, which is not a bad thing, just no time right now. Besides I'm thinking if we do get the house we want, we will be taking a trip to IKEA, World Market and Taipan Trading, that will probably require a U-haul to bring it all back. That could be one very fun and expensive trip. We cannot get away from IKEA cheaply. Not that I mind, my wallet might mind, but it will recover.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Okay, it seems that I have misplaced July, if you find it, please send it to me!
School registration is this week and school starts on the 20th of this month.
I received a phone call yesterday from the new PTO secretary wanting to know if I would do the school newsletter again this year.......I honestly could not give an answer right away. I just do not know. Do I want to take that on again. I love being a part of Cait's school, but that one is a once a month thing that takes up some time. Still thinking on it.
Back to school supplies have been bought. Need to go thru her closet and see what still fits, etc. and fill in. Love the school supplies, such fun. Cait will be in the 4th grade, when did that happen. Scary. It is still so much fun, challenging to the max, but watching her grow is so amazing. Although the squeals for the Jonas brothers is enough to make me want to medicate!
The evil abode, is getting closer to being ready, I hope by late next week it will be on the market. Some things we can continue to work on when its on the market.
I really do not want to do this again anytime soon. But I also do not want to sort thru 18 years of stuff either. Find a happy medium. Have found a house we want, hope it stays on the market.