Thursday, August 6, 2009

PTO and mice

Okay I turned down the PTO Newsletter Editor. I enjoyed parts of it last school year, but not all of it. Pressure to get after everyone for their columns. Updating ads, not to mention creating some of the ads. Sometimes it was very time consuming and always on a deadline.
With trying to sell the house, I just felt I would not give it 100%, which I would feel bad. I already feel guilty for saying no. Ah the guilt we Moms feel. Chris has no such qualms. I have a buddy who works at her kids school and she loves that. Sometimes I think that would be fun, schedule the same, summers off, but she does it for a little extra money to go towards their remodel not as a second income. (C, I'm talking about you-yes I'm jealous) Cannot believe school starts in two weeks.
Chris is actually the one who is going to get Cait registered today. Chris is very involved which I think is so totally amazing and hot! Should be interesting, not to mention I wonder how many phone calls I will receive. But I could not get it done, with the other commitments of today. So glad that I have a Super Hubby, who will do these things. I'm willing to bet my one brother would not do it, he would expect his wife to take care of those things, my other brother would do it in a heartbeat. Interesting the diff between the two.
Anyway its cool.
Yesterday we had a mouse in the house!!! EEEK. Tried to find our older cat to bring her in, of course she was out prowling. So we brought in KitKat, she is just a couple years old, anyway, she failed the task.
Last night, Miss Kitty (Nephews and niece named her) showed up so we brought her in. She disappeared in our bedroom for hours, so hopefully its gone. However large quatities of De-Con have been put out in containers that mice can get to, but not cats. Yuck, I hate mice. The joys of living in the country. Hate mouse traps, I just throw the entire thing away, I'm not taking the mouse out and using it again. GROSS.
Did school clothes shopping online. Not that much, she has plenty of clothes, PLENTY! I admit to that. Online is so nice. I search for coupons or offers for the sites I want and just about everytime I can find something, free shipping, 25% off, $30 dollars off, plus I get mailers alot to. Makes it such a great deal. Not to mention, I'm done in minutes. I hate the mall, besides a couple of my fav stores are not here, so I would have to go to SLC, which is not a bad thing, just no time right now. Besides I'm thinking if we do get the house we want, we will be taking a trip to IKEA, World Market and Taipan Trading, that will probably require a U-haul to bring it all back. That could be one very fun and expensive trip. We cannot get away from IKEA cheaply. Not that I mind, my wallet might mind, but it will recover.

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