Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's in the air

I can feel it, and not just because its only 34 degrees outside with 20mph winds. Winter is coming, which means CHRISTMAS! Yeah, I'm like a 5yr old when it comes to Christmas, the excitment, can't sleep at night, is it here, is it here kind of excitment and not for presents, okay yes I like presents, but really what gets to me is the feeling. I've peeked at a few catalogs, okay fine, they are dogeared and marked, and I've checked online to see if it really speaks to me. Christmas is my holiday and not just evidenced by the numerous totes that could fill a storage unit but instead take up just about one side of the garage, but by my obsession with all things Christmas. I love to shop, I love to decorate, I love to bake, I love to eat, I love to just sit late in the evening staring at my Christmas tree in all its glory with some Christmas music in the background, like maybe Donny Osmond singing Mary Did you Know? Or Straight, No Chaser singing just about anything, or Amy Grant, or okay the list is long, the cd's are numerous, but the music is important, the peace and contenment that I find at the time is worth more than any gift. That's what I love about Christmas. Now it's only 60 days away, which is hardly anytime at all, but I will not decorate before Thanksgiving, except to get the light up outside. I'm strict with the no decorating, each Holiday deserves its own time. I do not listen to music yet, although when I'm driving to Utah to my girlfriends for the annual shopping weekend, I do listen to it then, this is usually the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I give in then. After Thanksgiving, its like Santa's workshop comes alive.
Truly I blame the weather for getting me going.

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Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

look you've already decorated your blog with christmas! what happened to waiting? ;-)