Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Wow, didn't realize it was almost a month ago that I my head I posted some really grest post, thought provoking, however it appears non of that happened. I'm sure its actually a computer glitch. Like my fingers failed to type on the computer, see a glitch....!
Well today is Monday and I'm working on my menu's for the week. I have menu planned for a long time, but I go thru phases of now and then. Since its a new year I'm trying to do better. Its so much easier cooking dinner when its planned. When I get home its just getting it fixed or Chris fixing it. I have a written list of the most common meals we eat, about 20. Makes it easier to plan. Now there are times when I look at that list and I think yuck. So I go thru cookbooks, these are the reliable cookbooks not the fancy ones, that you know you will never cook from, or search websites, again reliable. Online, I search thru Taste of Home, CD kitchens and foodtv or course, I also use websites from Kraft, Pillsbury etc. Now Taste of Home is so realible, you know they are tried and true. I also have a few of their cookbooks. I have also gone to a couple of their cooking classes which I really like. There is lots of promoting of brands and things, but you get a good bag with lots of samples, a magazine, etc. All the recipes they make are pretty quick. They have their schedules online well worth the cost of admission.
Online I check the reviews written for the recipes and the numbers of reviews.
So on my menu planning I try to add a new recipe every other week, if it's liked then its added to the meal list. I also have been trying to use my crockpot more.
I'm looking at a food coop for fruits and vegetables. I'll let you know how that goes.
The other thing we have been working on is the indoor house projects. Tried some paint samples on the wall, will live with them a week or so and then decide. I know that once the weather gets nice, there are too many outdoor project that need to be tackled. So I need to work on the indoors now.
Oh and Way To Go Saints!!!

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