Thursday, January 14, 2010

Resolutions and snow

Its the middle of January and I have not made ANY resolutions. I've decided to not. To just continue on with short term goals and long term goals. Resolutions just seem so here today and gone tomorrow, kindof like snow. Its beautiful when its happening, then it gets a bit messy when the heat comes on and then its gone.
Anyway, seems like we have been busy, but at what? Work, putting away the Christmas stuff, and getting the last of the storage unit stuff. Need to unpack boxes, now.
Its interesting to me that I want all my pictures, shelves, etc up on walls, but am in no hurry. Partially need to remove the old nails still in the walls from the previous owners, and patch and paint. Luckily the old owners left all the paint behind. Now some rooms need to be repainted. In the past, January has been the month that I want to redecorate, rearrange, but the thought of paint right now, makes me slightly ill and queasy. I want to repaint the half bath. Chris likes it the way it is. But there are holes from the old towel rack and toilet paper holder, I cannot seem to find that paint and glaze. So we will see what happens.
This weekend my girlfriends from Utah are coming up since I missed the annual shopping weekend in November. Anyway they want to see the house. Cannot wait to see them and visit. So looking forward to it. Make a big batch of Tortilla Soup, some crab dip and we are set! I think I will also make a german chocolate roll cake.
Good friends and good food. Great combination!

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Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

oh man that german chocolate cake roll is AMAZING!!!!