Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Re-arrange furniture

So tomorrow we get our new pieces of furniture, now we based our purchases on the new layout, so we get to see how well everything fits and works. This should mean additional adjustments, always interesting. Also tomorrow, we are having a mantle put in. Its big, bigger than I was thinking, I was thinking more of a faux mantle, not a real mantle. Meaning it sticks our from the wall more than I thought. Its really nice, the color is a different brown, but I think it will work fine. Cannot wait to see it all come together. There is some frustration, I want it a certain way, and until I get it that way I have frustration. Exciting......and challenging.
After the foundation is done, then comes the really enjoyable part, putting the accents in. Its like adding the jewelry to your outfit, makes it all POP!
Now for the weather, I know that people call Chicago the windy city, but really come to Idaho, southeast Idaho is unbelievably windy. I hate the wind. Really hate the wind. Despise the wind. It is so cold. The stockwaterer is freezing from the wind, FROM THE WIND! Like frozen for and inch.
Even talk of no school tomorrow due to the cold. I doubt it. The wind chill would have to be 35 below, I do not see that for tomorrow. Its cold, but we would need to be single digits with gusting winds over 20 mph. I'll let you know.
We will see.

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