Sunday, March 8, 2009


Okay we decided that we needed a new chair in the living room/family room. Our house is small, less than 1200 sq ft. So the living room is the family room. Anyway, we have a sofa and a recliner. We decided to get a club chair or chair and a half with a ottoman. So Saturday we went looking. In my mind I am thinking about 800 bucks should probably do it. I was wrong, wrong wrong. The first store we went to was Interior Accents in IF. Its a really nice furniture store, smaller but fabulous pieces. Anyway we found a gorgeous club chair, that has the combination leather and fabric. So nice, 1600 bucks. Then we wandered around looking at others and I found a sofa table, not looking for one, but found one that is so neat. Then we found like a side table that we could use for under the TV (wall mounted) and put the cable and dvd players on. Anyway for all of it 2778 buckeroos. So we had her write everything down and we went on to other stores. NOTHING came close. So while we ate lunch we called her and did a little negotiating and got everything for less the 2300. Now I am having a little buyers remorse, I want the furniture I just think, we kindof went overboard a bit. Yes they are all quality pieces that will last, just kind of a shock to me. We have never really spent alot on furniture. A few hundred here and there, 800 for the coach. Worldmarket find. Love it. Never big purchases, I guess this is big for me, maybe not so for some of you, but for us it is. Anyway, it will all be delivered on Wednesday. CANNOT WAIT!
BTW when I got home Friday night, Chris told me that one of the cows calved and the calf died. Chris was pretty upset. She gave no signs that she was ready so perhaps something was wrong. Its frustrating though. I mean a dead calf is like losing 500-600 dollars. Hopefully we will have better luck with the others.

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