Monday, April 20, 2009

Reality or limited view

Okay the other day I was online checking out the news, usual suspects after the local news are MSNBC, Foxnews and MSN, well I believe it was MSN and one of the things that caught my eye was Celebrities and the "humongous" purses or totes and the latest looks for less, for those who have to have the same thing. Anyway in this article it talked about a couple of bags that retail for 1500k and how you can get a similar look but for much less. Do you know what they consider much less, 600-800 dollars???
I get that this is half the cost but does the average shopper pay that kind of money for a purse???? Do you pay the equivalent of a new car payment for a purse? Is that today's reality? I don't see it. I mean tell me about a really good quality leather purse for $50, and I might get serious, but the color and the leather have got to be ideal. I mean really good soft but not paper thin leather. That will hold up for years. I have bought some trendy purses, but never over $30, not for a trendy color. Then I have paid $60-$70 for a really good leather purse in black or brown that I have had for years and continue to use during the winter. I go bright colors generally in the Spring Summertime. So am I just sheltered and my friends and family think the same, but the average person is different. Are there more people out there with incomes who can afford to spend that kind of change on purses? Or is it just another, wanna be like the current celeb of the moment? Is that what it is, people will blindly toss that kind of money away to have a purse like such and such. I just find it very interesting what is considered getting a great deal on a purse for $600 is a deal in these times. Perhaps that is why we are in these times.
It's like when they show an outfit and how you to can have this trendy outfit but for much less. $400 for a cardigan, $120 for jeans, holy cow, I must be sheltered cuz that is so far out of what I would spend its unreal.
When did we shift to those kinds of numbers as being acceptable?
The other day while watching the local news they gave the numbers for middle income in my state, according to the numbers we are middle middle income. Yet I still think these numbers are way out there.
Perhaps we need to adjust our thinking in terms of acceptable numbers.
Something to ponder upon.

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