Friday, September 4, 2009

Home showing

Okay our house has officially had its first potential buyer showing.
First thoughts, I am not cut out for this. I was sick to my stomach all of yesterday afternoon, the thought of someone going thru my house and everything in it and forming an opinion. Very unsettling for me. The house felt strange when I got home.
This house selling is hard on my nerves.
Supposedley, the potential buyer is going to come thru the house again next week with her boyfriend to look at it again. Likes the house, a bit overwhelmed by our yard. I like trees...........alot!
So we wait and continue on as we have been.
Hopefully it will not take long, I will have a stomach ulcer if it goes on and on.
I had no idea I would have this type of reaction. The anxiety is unreal to me. Chris has no problems, and this is the man that suffers from panic attacks now and then. What is wrong with this picture?
Anyway, this is our life for the time being.

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