Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember

Today is Sept. 11th. I remember that day. Chris was driving me to work, and we where talking about the first plane crashing and listening to the radio. After I got to work, it was nothing but online for all of us. Just watching everything we could. My one boss was in Sarasota Florida at the time, at a jobsite. He was stuck there for a few extra days. President Bush was in Sarasota at the time. I still remember the video of him in the classroom being told quietly in front of the kids, and him remaining totally in control and still focused on the children. I remember calling family friends who had kids in NYC and asking them about their kids, everyone was okay.
I still see the images in my mind.
That night Chris and I talked about what we would do, if there was no way to make phone contact with eachother. Get Cait, and make it home.
We still talk about what we would do if some huge emergency came up, Get Cait and get home.
I have not forgotten. I just wish the patriotism afterwards still remained.

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