Thursday, September 24, 2009

House and stuff

The house is pretty much our life. We replaced the roof last weekend. Okay, I did not participate, I fed people. Chris had the old roof scraped off by Saturday morning, that was a mess. I kept dusting and dusting just to dust some more. But we have a new roof. We had two showings during the roof work.
So far no offers yet.
We have not had any showings this week. Makes me somewhat concerned. I hate this whole process. Just waiting.
We have the big cattle roundup this weekend. Nice to get away. Even if it is more work, although the work is fun, its riding 4 wheelers. Time to bring the cows down off the forest range right. We have a group of about 25 people, the majority are on horseback, we ride up and down the roads looking for signs of cows.
I look forward to it. It is part of fall. Something to look forward to. The trees have started to change so its really pretty and I ALWAYS have my camera with me.
Like I said, its nice to leave the house. Removes me from the constant thinking of we need to sell the house. Although right now, there isn't alot of options, the house we wanted did get an offer on it and it was accepted. We have even toyed with building. WHO knows! I certaintly do not.

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