Monday, January 19, 2009

Halfway thru January

Okay, Christmas is over and pretty much packed up. One lone tote, for the last things you find, that you have been looking at for weeks, not recognize as Christmas. You know how that goes, you look up one day and go, wait thats Christmas stuff, shouldn't that be put away. Oh well, happens every year. So I guess it could be called tradition. Besides at this time of year, I've been shopping the clearance sales, so things have to be put away for Christmas. I have the neighbors gifts, co-workers gifts, etc. already. That is a great feeling. I can pick up something really fun and CHEAP, but no one realizes how little money I spent. I like a bargain!!! I am done with that also. Now its just packing up and putting away, and then adding the new things for the house that we got for Christmas or on clearance after. FUN. I enjoy that.
We still need to finish our kitchen remodel. All the difficult stuff is done, now its the detail stuff. Why that is taking so long I really don't know. I want it done, but the backsplash, and the final touchup painting. So strange that it is not getting done, it annoys me, but still does not motivate me. Maybe now that the Holiday are over, I'll focus again.
The New Year also brings out the notion of all the stuff I want to accomplish this year. Too many projects that did not get done last year already start the list. Maybe the list needs to be banned, and just accomplish what comes up. That might be a better approach.
Then add to that, Cait's grades are bad. 3rd grade shouldn't have bad grades. 3rd grade should still be A's. We have a chatter, socialite, flitterbug. So now she has to buckle down and get serious and her social activities have to be curtailed. 3rd grade should not be this way. It's not like she cannot do the work, she just wont focus and do it right away, then she has to rush to finish and doesn't even read the directions! So frustrating to get her to understand that homework alone will not do it. Then she argues that she knows what the Teacher wants. Too much of my personality coming thru. SCARY. Trying to figure out the best way to move forward.
Love my life. Never the norm of what I think will happen.
I do love my life. Love it. My husband is awesome, and works so hard for us. He is struggling with some health issues and really hates making changes. I agree I have a problem with that also. We both need to work on changes, eating and exercising. Don't we all. My daughter is a blessing like you would not believe. She is so amazing and so strong willed that it scares the daylights out of me. We live in a beautiful area, little house on 2 tiny acres. It's tiny acreage cuz there are 10 cows, 4 horses, 1 burro, 3 dogs and 2 cats sharing the place.
Anyway life is good. Frustrating, trying, but so good. Just trying to enjoy.

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