Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Countdown to shopping

In less than 48hours I will be laughing my head off with my friends. That's is what happens when we get together, we enjoy eachothers company. Its not even the shopping, although we do well with that, its about spending time and gabbing. We talk and talk. We go to our favorite places, see what is new, look at what we wish we could buy, or would like to if we had the space.
Mostly we buy Christmas decor stuff, ornaments that kind of stuff. Rarely do we buy clothing. In the words of my husband, its STUFF. Stuff we cannot live without or do not want to live with out. Things we enjoy. Each item that I have bought I can recall what we where talking about when we found this or that. MEMORIES!!!
I love this weekend, it is so great. So good for the SOUL.

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