Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting the house ready for market

Oh my heck, what a pain this is. I'm tired of cleaning things out, packing stuff, hauling it off to the storage unit. Trying to really keep the bare minimum. Which is really difficult, how to live and keep our stuff to the bare minimum. So we took our dining room table out of the dining room the hutch will go also. We have a small gathering table to put in its place. Its much smaller in size and scale, should work really well.
More furniture has to go, along with stuff. 18 years in one house and you accumulate alot of stuff/crap. Boxes and tubs, for storage, stuff for the Deseret Industries Thrift Store and stuff to just go straight into the garbage.
Also some projects to finish to have the house ready to show. Should have done this during the winter, we need to have it on the market now, for the Spring Fever buy a house itch.
What a process!!!

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