Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay so the newer house with 5 acres is out. NO WATER RIGHTS. Which makes 5 acres a dustbowl.
We are still progressing with getting ours ready for sale. We may have to expand to Bonneville County instead of just Jefferson County and see what is out there.
I will admit to being sad about the newer house. The house was perfect, but not the land. So now I have to try and not compare everything to it. I did find a 2 yr old house on 10 acres with an unfinished basement, but it's 70k out of our range!!! In a perfect world, once ours is on the market and we get a perfect offer, that one will drop in price by 70k.........Now let's deal with reality!
I've picked out the paint color to paint the inside of most of the rooms, to mellow my strong colors. We will replace the bathroom vanity this weekend, along with the floor.
At least this way my house projects are on the fast trak!!

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