Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Linen Indulgence

In the process of getting our house ready, I thought I would change the linens for our bedroom. I have always gone with darker colors, I'm drawn to the chocolates, the deep reds. Anyway with the sheets, I usually get dark red, or a great chocolate brown. I was in TJ Max, one of my favorites shopping places. Awesome deals for excellent prices. THE ONLY PLACE I BUY PURSES. Back to the point, I was looking thru the sheet selection and I saw alot of crisp white sheets, and those just remind me of hotels and luxury. So I thought why not for my bed, its crisp and clean. I bought a set of organic cotton sheets for $29. I LOVE organic cotton, so soft, feels so good. Anyway, washed them up, hung them on the clothesline to dry, my summer dryer, and then made the bed. I am in heaven. First the look of white with a red pillow for accent and a tan blanket folded down on the bed, it looks amazing in my bedroom. The walls are painted a melted milk chocolate brown, Red accent headboard. But the best part is the feel of the sheets not to mention the fresh line dryed smell. MMMMM
Heaven. I think I may be a convert to solid white sheets only from now on.

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