Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So glad its Wednesday. Why, Mondays are just crap, plain and simple, no need to pretty it up. Tuesdays, you just try and clean up from Monday, so by Wednesday you start to feel like you are starting to gain some control....I said some, not all, I'm not into make believe, at least not too much.
Then there are the weeks that everyday seems like crap. Those seem to be much more frequent of late. Work sometimes seem to take over all aspects, and its hard to seperate work from the rest of your life. Somedays is so frustrating that it moves me to tears. I'm a shrew some days, most it seems. Having a hard time finding the balance that I usually have. At least a 40/60 split. Its more 25/75. I want to run away, but to where, and from what. I want to run home, and then the house closes in. Too many projects that are not getting done and who knows when I will get them done. Last night was one of them, when everything seemed to much, fix dinner, not hungry for any of it. Throw a load of laundry in, never get ahead of that. Feels like the commercial with the big ball of laundry coming at the family, except in my case it doesn't stop, just piles on top! Yep thats my life right now. So how to find the balance?
It needs to start at home. Leave work at work. That is hard. The frustration stays with me. Need to leave it also.
Then find peace at home again.
Get the house in order.
Start throwing things away, get rid of stuff.
So tonight I will spend 1 hour on that.

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