Thursday, August 25, 2011

I think I missed something.....

I believe its called Summer. What happened? I mean I know its been hot, so its been summer, but I have done NOTHING. Okay that is not right, I have not done anything I have wanted to do or get done. This is what I have been doing, building fence. Almost every weekend, and if we are not building fence, we are trying to get stuff caught up around the house. Then when we don't go build fence, the sewer line breaks. Oh that was so much fun. However, I am married to Superman and he fixed it for a less than $150 bucks! Seriously! He is amazing! Then the next weekend comes, and building fence it is. 100 acres of land to fence. UGH.
The next generation learning the ins and outs of running a post pounder on a tractor!
So forgive me and give me a little time to get caught up!

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