Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kinda forgot about stuff

Okay, there are probably more days that I forget about things than I want to admit. Something comes into the brain, and I think, Oh I can do that (pick one) later, tomorrow, tonight, after this that and the other thing...blah blah blah. Instead of writing this down, yes it has come to that, if it is not written down the probability of completion drops dramatically. Or just plain drops completely off the radar. Today it beeped on the radar and I acted. Then I look at the last post and think, "crap" how could I have gone that long. Easy peasy is how. So today I got my trusty planner out and wrote down. Time for some construction on the blog. So tonight after working on the construction of the chicken coop, I will start the blog construction. I have high hopes.

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