Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So school has started. What a disaster the bus thing is. The first morning of school, 7 buses pass our house. Country road.
The busdriver had called the night b4 and said she would pick up at about 7:53am. Well Cait was soooooooooooooo excited for the 1st day. 3rd grader, still thinks school is fun. So we had both got up early, Chris already gone to work. We were ready by 7:15, so getting the backpack ready, and finishing combing hair. Getting my purse together, planner, etc. At 7:30 Caitlin says theres my bus, and I look out the window and a bus is pulling up in front of our house, so Caitlin goes flying out the door as the bus honks. So I get ready to leave for work and am waiting in the driveway on my scooter when another bus pulls up and picks up the neighbor kid from across the street. I look at the bus and it has a monster truck picture on its side. That was the bus Caitlin was supposed to get on...........................Okay the heart is pounding hard now. I call Chris tell him what happened. He gets ahold of the school and they say she is supposed to ride the monster truck not the other one, but all buses come to the elementary school. He verifies she is in her class, and I start breathing again. But why did the other bus stop at our house?
The other bus comes earlier so I would not have to be late for work every day for the next 9 months. The next day it stops, and I ask and she says, she has our house listed as a stop. So Cait catches the earlier bus for now, who knows what will happen next. I have watched buses skip a house with the kids standing there and pick up at the next house. Pick up kids on this side, but the kids across the street catch another bus. I think they are way messed up this year.
What drama.
I think I am only going to be able to ride my scooter to work thru September if I am lucky. The temps in the morning are cold. I'm close to wearing long johns. But then its 80 during the day. I shall wait and see. The scooter is so fun. I enjoy the drive to and from work. Love the gas savings also. I think my boss jinxed me this morning by calling me crash. He said that everyone that rides on two wheels knows its not if but when they crash. Really excited now.
Looking forward to the 3 day weekend. YIPPEE.

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