Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buyers remorse

Okay throughout my life, there have been a few times when I have had buyers remorse. My Kirby vacuum is the biggest. I know, I know, they are great vacuums, but I really don't want to have a work out when I vacumm. That thing is HEAVY. Not only that, put everytime I get the stupid thing out, all I think of is dollar signs, okay, dollar bills going up in smoke is probably a more fitting description. So currently the thing sits in storage and I use a Dyson, which by the way, I LOVE. So easy, no bags, lightweight and moves around furniture so smooth. Also it was a third the cost of the stupid Kirby. I had some remorse when we bought our latest house, but I got over that, that was because it was a foreclosure and we put a couple grand into the thing before we even signed papers for it. Plus the payment. It was an adjustment. I know I have twice the house, twice the land, but still it was an adjustment, but We love the house.
Anyway, on to the real reason for this post. My cellular service is with Verizon, and my phone is currently a Blackberry Storm (fist version) and I LOVE IT. Until the last few months when the "uncaught exception" errors are so frequent that my phone spends more time rebooting, than I use it to call. Since October I have been looking at new smart phones, the hubs has a droid. Its a nice phone, just not nice to me, EVERYTIME I touch the thing, something goes wrong, not to mention, it is soooo sensitive that he butt dials me and others, all the time. He is getting better. So in my search I have looked at something besides a droid. My Dream, is that Blackberry comes ups with a droid/iphone version of their own. But alas, BB seems to have ignored Verizon, they have come out with new phones but not for Verizon. Well since the iphone has FINALLY come to Verizon, I thought, well maybe that is what I am going to do. So I started looking at the iphone, and asking friends, family, my boss, what they think. Its mixed, get a droid, get a iphone. I repeat, BLACKBERRY you could save me, and you watch in like 6 months they probably will come out with something. I just cannot continue to live with this phone the way it is. Even the Verizon people are no help, even BB support.
Verizon announced the iphone was coming and I signed up for the info, and since I was ready for an upgrade, I would get early pickings. However, the first time, I DID NOT get up a 1am and order one, and by 7 the next morning, you couldn't. Well the next online chance would be the 9th, again at 1am, oh wait, not 1am, but 1:01 AM. I set the alarm. It scared the freaking #$%& out of me. I shut it off and thought, nevermind, who needs this. Rolled over, well the hubby gets up, not feeling well. So I figure, well I'm awake now, so grab the laptop and log on. Not really paying attention, CUZ its freaking the middle of the night, and I like my sleep. I clicked on the first box, added a case and checked out. Saw the e-mail to confirm, shut the laptop off and went back to sleep. Two hours later I wake up thinking, you did not order the 32gb did you. YEP you did, so you spent an extra 100. Great. Okay deal with it in the morning.
I have talked with Verizon, I can change, cancel if I want to. I do not even have the phone yet, and I'm in remorse. WHY?
1- Learning a new phone, is like learning a new computer program in chinese. I no like.
3- Learning a new phone, is like learning a new computer program in chinese. I no like.
Yes, I know I am repeating myself.
4- What if Blackberry does come out with my dream storm????
I will wait for the stupid phone to arrive and then see.
My hubby called to tell me I could just go to the Verizon store and get it. No thank you I will wallow in my buyers remorse for a bit longer, thank you. Stubborn.

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